ICEHOTEL Sweden - The Highlights

A hotel and art exhibition made of ice from the river Torne, each year reincarnated in a brand new design. A place to discover silence, northern lights, glistening snow clad forests, reindeer, cloudberries, kettle coffee and much more.

What is the Swedish Ice hotel?

With a mix of permanent buildings and seasonal ice structures, this ice-themed hotel is located in Northern Sweden, above the Arctic Circle, in a small town called Jukkasjärvi. Known simply as the ICEHOTEL, you can stay in rooms made of ice blocks, with platform beds, thermal sleeping bags and reindeer hides. Ice rooms can be either simply designed or you can stay in one of the elaborate art suites. Traditional year-round warm rooms are also available which offer chic decor, flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. Permanent ice suites, known as ICEHOTEL 365, have artistic carvings, and private, heated bathrooms and saunas.

Other amenities at ICEHOTEL Sweden include a refined restaurant, a cozy lounge and an ice bar. Guided tours are available and there are plenty of adventurous activities to fill your days. In particular, 50 Degrees North staff recommend the Ice Sculpturing, a mesmerizing hour of chiselling and fun. Be sure to enjoy a glass of champagne in an ICE GLASS or cocktails in the bar afterwards.

Walk down the road to the local reindeer farm and enjoy a coffee in the Sami tent before feeding or perhaps riding behind a sled of reindeer.

50 Degrees North offers custom-made holidays staying at the ICEHOTEL. Specializing in holiday travel across this region, our Scandinavian staff can help you build a holiday package that includes a visit to the ICEHOTEL of whatever length you wish. Our list of unique ICEHOTEL and snow hotel packages can be found here.

Where is the Swedish ICEHOTEL?

Sweden's ICEHOTEL is in a very small, countryside village called Jukkasjärvi, in northern Sweden, about 17 kilometres from Kiruna. The airport is small and the drive between the airport and ICEHOTEL is through forest and wilderness. You don't travel through a town to get to the ICEHOTEL. There is a small shop and two restaurants in Jukkasjärvi. Yes, the ICEHOTEL takes up most of the village.

How do you get to the ICEHOTEL in Sweden?

The flight from Stockholm Arlanda to Kiruna takes only 90 minutes and you can also get a 12 hour train from Stockholm, usually we suggest taking the overnight train.

Kiruna Airport and Kiruna Train station are just 15-20 minutes away from Icehotel.

Weddings at the ICEHOTEL


The ICEHOTEL Chapel is available for weddings, credit: Asaf Kliger

Sleeping in an Art Suite at ICEHOTEL

What will be the favourite Deluxe Art Suite this year at Sweden’s ICEHOTEL? Each year, our guests, nominate their preferred Art Suite. Winter '17/18 was the King Kong Room. A little scary for younger children as the eyes blinked on and off!! DSC04735

Nervous about sleeping in an ICEROOM? Read our detailed guide to how it works here.

ICEHOTEL Suite 2015

ART SUITE: Spring by Wilfred Stijger & Edith Van De Wetering. Photo by Fotograf Paulina AB — with Marian Walutek.

Eating at the ICEHOTEL

The ICEHOTEL Restaurant offers something for all appetites and moods – a fine dining experience at ICEHOTEL Restaurant or a cosy traditional homestead meal down the road. These hotels are well regarded in the Nordic White Guide, our recommended reference for restaurants in our region.

Ice hotel Sweden plated desert

For our two night stays, you can visit both restaurants for lunch or dinner and enjoy Swedish dining at its best. ICEHOTEL Restaurant has an ‘Ice Menu’ – a 4-course degustation menu served on ice blocks. Typically this will start with a fresh selection of local fish, like salmon sashimi and lightly cured Arctic char, accompanied by moose Carpaccio served with ‘lingon-berries’.

Exotic local meats such as fillets of reindeer or Arctic ptarmigan are expertly served for mains. To round the night off, and get you in the mood for a swing on the ice dance floor and a night on reindeer felts in a rather cold room; indulge in decadent chocolate Ganache for dessert.

Cocktails in ICEBAR at ICEHOTEL

Similar to the Art Suites, ICEBAR at ICEHOTEL is also built with a new design each year. New additions to the drinks menu are also offered, but let’s hope they still have the Midnight Sun cocktail, a favourite last year.

The shot glasses are all made of ice, as are the tables, stools and chandeliers. Vodka fuelled berry juices are on offer - wonderfully colourful and Swedish inspired.

With the temperature holding at a mild minus 5 degrees Celsius, be sure to don your thermals, borrow ICEHOTEL boots and head into the bar for a Vodka ‘in the rocks’. Then head to the ice dance floor, but take care, it’s slippery!

Activities at ICEHOTEL

Filling your days with fun activities at ICEHOTEL is recommended – dogsledding, snowmobiling and Northern Lights viewing are imperative. Some of our guests have been lucky enough to witness the Aurora Borealis dancing over the skies just outside ICEHOTEL. Located in the small Swedish town of Jukkasjärvi, ICEHOTEL is away from artificial light and high above the Arctic Circle.

ICEHOTEL ICEHOTEL entrance. Photo Asaf Kliger. © ICEHOTEL