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Regional home town of the Pulpit rock.

Stavanger is a town and a region in South Western Norway - well known for it's oil industry. However, it is also lovely to visit as a tourist due to it's high degree of 18th and 19th century wooden houses at it's centre, creating an intimate and welcoming village feel. Of course, with this comes lovely old cathedrals, museums, markets and cobblestone streets.

Stavanger is also the window to fabulous Norwegian outdoor pursuits. You can visit Pulpit Rock and hike in the Lysefjorden region. Our tours include visits to places like Preikestolen (aka the Pulpit Rock), and Kjeragbolten. Preikestolen is a massive rock overhanging the fjord (604 metres below). Kjeragbolten is a rock wedged in the cliff approx. 1000 metres above the fjord. The straight fall 1000 metres down to the fjord makes Kjerag a very popular location for BASE jumping.

Along the coast south of Stavanger there are a number of large, sandy beaches, including at Sola is within closest reach from the city.

Stavanger is both a university city and Europe’s oil and energy capital. Many different nationalities are attracted to the region, making it a highly international destination. This is all reflected in Stavanger’s urban and lively atmosphere, with cutting-edge food menus and a booming cultural scene.

Tour Standard

Norway's Southern Fjords and Pulpit Rock

7 days - Independent tour hiking Pulpit Rock, visiting Stavanger and Bergen then spa retreat on the fjords

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Jonas Wurster

Trolltunga, Kjerag & Pulpit Rock Tour

8 days - Experience jaw-dropping views with 'off the beaten track' experiences

  • Three iconic spots
  • Norway
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Flor & Fjære
Lunch cruise to the Flower Island