The birthplace of the 50 Degrees North founder.

The town of Karasjok is a small municipality in the centre of the county of Finnmark. It is a Sami town home to the Sami parliament, the Sami museum, and a small church, dating from 1807. The climate is harsh with dry and bitterly cold winters and cool summers. This is also the birthplace of the founder of 50 Degrees North.

Interesting to note that around 90% of the local population speak Sami, and the area is home to approx. 60,000 reindeer on autumn and winter grazing.

When you are in Karasjok, pay a visit to an authentic Sami family, see the reindeer and listen to the stories of past and present Sami culture. Taste Sami food such as bidos, a traditional reindeer stew, and listen to the fascinating joik, the Sami chant. You can head up to the mountain plains in the winter, by ski, on a sled pulled by reindeer or huskies, or on a snowmobile. You will never forget the sight of the Northern Lights dancing over the winter skies, and the fascinating diversity of Sami culture and activities.

Population: approx. 2,900. Area, municipality: 5,464 km².

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