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Release of our Carbon Footprint Labels

We are one step further towards our goal with the release of carbon labels on our tours. On 35 of our most popular and iconic experiences, you will now find it’s carbon footprint listed in the Quick Facts box.

At 50 Degrees North we are passionate about creating a sustainable future, In 2022 we released our Climate Action Plan, an ambitious document which details how as a company we will lower our carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, in accordance with UN guidelines on how to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

We are one step further towards our goal with the release of carbon labels on our tours. On 35 of our most popular and iconic experiences you will now find it’s carbon footprint, which is an overview of how much carbon that particular trip generates from what is included, such as the accommodation, transport, meals, activities and even the tour guide. By 2024 we plan to publish the footprint of every one of our tours.

By measuring and sharing details of each tours carbon footprint it not only allows us to see where reductions can be made, but it helps our customers to understand the impact of that tour.

Find out more here about our Carbon Labels.

Clients can view our existing range of low-carbon tours on our website. This includes our innovative mini-coach tours, a new style of travel in Norway for independent travellers. For a few days on each itinerary clients will share transfers in our premium mini coaches. Not only do travellers get to enjoy the company of other travellers and our Nordic driver/guide but it reduces the need for private vehicles and by sharing transfers it lowers the carbon footprint of the experience.

Lyngen Lodge

Image: Lyngen Lodge, Northern Norway.

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Trekking, active and cycling: Many of our active adventure naturally have a lower carbon footprint due to the type of activity and transport used. Our Dogsledding tour in Swedish Lapland, for instance, has a carbon label of 89Kg of CO₂e Average carbon footprint per person.

Health, Wellness and Slow Travel: Take a deep breath, minimise your movements and stay in one of our 'slow travel' destinations. For instance, spend time in the Norwegian Lyngen Alps with yoga, longer summer walks and peaceful local experiences.

Rail & Ferry Journeys: Scandinavia has lots of options to elimiate flights from your tour. Our new group tour, Scandinavian Capitals and Fjords, uses overnight ferries, shared mini-coach and trains to minimise it's carbon footprint.

Read our full Climate Action Plan here.
Hvammsvík geothermal sea baths - Image: Saga Sig

Hvammsvík Hotsprings, image: Saga Sig