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50 Degrees North organises tours and itineraries to the Nordics (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) as well as Greenland, the High Arctic, the Baltics, Russia and Mongolia. Each of these areas lend themselves to a multitude of different themes and special interests - below are just a handful of them. Feel free to also view our main media page with examples of published articles and some of our past press releases.


As genuine destination specialists, we focus on more than just the most famous (and therefore often overcrowded) areas in our region. We are conscious of the dangers of overtourism and often direct our clients to less known, more authentic and equally stunning areas in our region. A great example of this are our ‘minivan tours’ which represent a new style of small group travel: 2-12 independent travellers traverse exceptionally beautiful, yet hard-to-reach areas of Norway, thus experiencing something unique and authentic while contributing to more modest local economies.

Example itineraries:
Beautiful Norway
Western Fjords of Norway
Scenic Norway

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Our region has some of the best hiking in the world – from Greenland treks, traditional hut to hut hikes in Norway, 'best sellers' in Iceland, all the way through to high mountain passes in Mongolia. When it comes to cycling, Norway's fjords and mountains offer once-in-a-lifetime biking experiences where every turn reveals new, indescribably beautiful scenery.

Example itineraries:
The Western Fjords Hike
Norwegian Fjords Hike & Bike

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Most of us are parents ourselves and have travelled extensively through this northern region with our children. The region is safe and well organised, and the perfect holiday destination for kids of most ages. The Nordic countries are scattered with family parks, opportunities for wildlife viewing and a well organised network of walking tracks and huts in beautiful, remote locations. If you venture to northern Finland, you also have the chance to meet Santa!

Example itineraries:
Beautiful Norway (express) - Discover the scenic beauty of Norway and the scenery that inspired the Disney movie Frozen
Christmas & New Years’ tours

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Sustainable tourism and responsible travel are at the forefront of the 50 Degrees North philosophy. As natives of the Nordic region, we feel very passionate about respecting and protecting local nature, cultural heritage, and local values, with the aim of preserving all of these for future generations. However, we also love sharing the many wonders of this region with respectful and responsible travellers. Although we do not yet have any premade “eco-tour” packages, we can certainly tailor-make itineraries that showcase our values and our suppliers’ efforts at sustainable practices.

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Food in the Nordics is natural and honest, usually made with the staple produce found on the land. Many of our tours include breakfasts, some or all dinners, and often other food related activities, which means that local cuisine will be a natural part of the experience wherever you are. However, we also design tours where local food experiences are the main highlights of the trip.

Example itineraries:
Nordic Capitals Gourmet
Beautiful Norway

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As natives of the Nordic region, we truly care about every part of the experience. We favour local boutique hotels, historical manors, and family run lodges as the accommodation of choice – these are not just places to sleep in, but an essential part of the experience. We also aim to incorporate activities that showcase local culture and history as a part of your stay.

Example itineraries:
Norway by Design and History with Juvet
Baltic Capitals Independent
Beautiful Norway
Scandinavian Capitals – by rail & ferry
Romantic Tallinn Tour

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If you’re looking for an unusual, romantic holiday destination, look no further than Northern Europe and Scandinavia! The Nordic winter, in particular, is very romantic: Think dark polar nights, Northern lights, crackling fires, warm saunas and a jacuzzi under the stars. We have created countless tailor-made honeymoon itineraries and other romantic getaways.

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The traditions of the Scandinavian lifestyle go back hundreds of years. In the rush and crush of modern life, the rarities are what we value most, such as space, quiet and time. Pure nature, a relaxing sauna, a spoonful of traditional treatments, and wild food for picking – you can transform yourself into a new person during your holiday.

Example itineraries:
Private Island Retreat in Sweden
Endless summer days by Lake Saimaa
Tromsø and Lyngen Alps

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Our minivan tours are a particularly great option for solo travellers: They are not group tours as such, but for a few days during each of the itineraries, you will share the same minivan with 1-11 other travellers (private, only for 50 Degrees North clients). You can make friends, enjoy the company of our knowledgeable driver, and experience some of the region’s finest boutique hotels and natural wonders. All the minor details are taken care of, allowing you the freedom to get on and enjoy the holiday.

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Solo Travel in Scandinavia - Solo Travel in the Nordics: Personal experiences and words of wisdom from one of our solo travellers


Our region has some of the most beautiful natural scenery and untouched wilderness in all of Europe. Living within this wilderness are countless precious species, from birds to whales and polar bears to reindeers. We are passionate about offering you the best opportunity to see the magnificent wildlife of our home countries, from remote safaris, wildlife zoos, to hiking and self-drive tours into the heart of our region.

Example itineraries:
Arctic Winter Wildlife
Log Cabins & Bears of Finland
Senja Wildlife and Auroras
Greenland Ilulissat Small Group Tour
South Greenland Small Group Tour

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There are several travel ‘bucket list’ items that can be ticked off in our region. If you want to view the Northern Lights, we can organise tours which will maximise your chances. Visiting Santa for a White Christmas in Finland or drinking mulled wine on New Year’s Eve in Northern Norway under the Aurora lights are just a few of the special experiences our region provides.

Example itineraries:
Beana Laponia and Levi Glass Igloos
Lapland Circle

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