Santa Claus Holiday Village

White Christmas with Santa Claus, Snow and Fun Activities in Rovaniemi and Finland

Whereas the Finns traditionally believe that Santa comes from Korvatunturi, the ear mountain in Eastern Lapland, a lot of the Santa activity today is centered around Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus and the capital of Lapland. In Rovaniemi you can visit the Real Santa everyday of the year in the Santa Claus Village, or spend a day or two at the Santapark, Santa’s home cavern inside a mountain with fun activities for young and old.

Alternatively you could step straight into a fairytale at Joulukka, which is situated only 16 kilometres from Rovaniemi, deep in the Finnish forest. In Joulukka you can explore Santa’s command centre with the help from the elves and meet Santa himself in enchanting surroundings.

However, if are looking to experience Christmas, the Finnish way, why not escape town and appreciate the beauty of the Finnish wilderness and vast landscape with all the arctic adventures, you might wish for on your Christmas getaway.
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Premium Rovaniemi: Combination of Real Santa and Authentic Lapland

On our Premium Rovaniemi holidays you will experience both the buzz of the busy Christmas town Rovaniemi, and the beauty of the Finnish nature with fun activities. While staying in the cozy holiday cottages in Ranua, close to the Ranua Wildlife Park, you can partake in Christmas activities suitable for the whole family creating memories that last a lifetime.

We tailor this experience to suit your needs, and depending on whether you are traveling as a couple, group or with the family, we will find the perfect combination of arctic adventure, beautiful landscapes and a visit to see the Santa in Rovaniemi to fit your idea of a dream holiday.

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Santa Experiences Outside Rovaniemi

Finnish Lapland and magical white Christmas including a meeting with the real Santa go hand in hand, and you don’t even have to go to Rovaniemi to experience it all. Our Lapland Christmas Magic - escorted tour for families takes you to Äkäslompolo, a snow-covered village where streetlights are turned off in the afternoon so that you can see the Northern Lights. You will stay in cozy log cabins; each with their own fireplace and sauna, and a private meeting with Santa at his cabin is a highlight for many. The 7-day Christmas in Finland - independent tour kicks off with a welcome from Santa’s elves, and is designed as a Christmas experience with young children in Finland.

If you would like a chance to see the northern lights illuminating the dark winter sky, from the comfort of your own bed, our popular 5-day independent tour Santa, Elves & Glass Igloos is the perfect choice for you. And if you’d rather have an action-packed independent Christmas holiday perfect for families, have a look at our 6-day Christmas Winter Wonderland package.

Whatever way you want to celebrate the festive season, contact us for the holiday you have always dreamed of.