Experience a Scandinavian Christmas

10 Reasons To Experience a Scandinavian White Christmas

Christmas is special no matter how or where you celebrate it, but nothing beats the serenity of a white Christmas. Are you dreaming of a Scandinavian Christmas-holiday? Our Christmas tours book early so be sure to contact us here for further information.

1. Snow is Magical

The whole wide world seems extra quiet during and after fresh snowfall. Everything is blanketed in a cover of white that seems to mute all noise. The air is crisp, fresh and cool. Do like Scandinavian kids and go out to play! Create snowmen, snow angels, ski and walk the forest in snowshoes. Fresh powder-snow is part of the Christmas magic.

2. Santa Lives Nearby

Young or old; this is the highlight for most of our clients. If you celebrate Christmas in Finland, chances of meeting Santa and his elves are pretty good! While this is the busiest time of year for Santa he still takes time out to meet with little (and big) visitors. It’s an experience you and your kids, no matter their age, will treasure forever.

3. Reindeers in Abundance

We can’t be in Santa’s ‘neck of the woods’ without giving credit to his hardworking reindeers. Go on a reindeer-safari to a local farm, have a go at sleigh-riding and enjoy the company of these gentle animals of the North. Or sleep above them at
Sweden's Treehotel!

4. Northern Lights

Winter and darkness in Northern Scandinavia means a chance to revel in nature’s own spectacular sky-show; the Aurora Borealis. The colourful display is said to look as if it’s waving at you as it dances across the horizon. The astonishing sight is something you’ll never forget.

5. Christmas- the Scandinavian epitome of ‘Hygge’

'Hygge’ is the Nordic buzz-word. Not familiar with the Norwegian/ Danish term? ‘Hygge’ means the art of enjoying life's simple pleasures whether you’re by yourself, or with friends and family. In short it represents coziness, enjoyment and pleasure that evokes feelings of comfort and well-being. Scandinavia doesn’t get any more ‘hygge-lig’ (cosy) than at Christmas-time. It’s a time to wrap up (both yourself and the gifts!), stay snug and celebrate the seasonal festivities during the month of December.

6. Once in a Lifetime

When are you ever going to tick this many things off the bucket-list again? Whether it is riding the reindeer-sleigh, seeing the Northern lights, go ice-skating in a Scandinavian capital, meeting Santa or all of them combined; a White Christmas-tour will create enough memories to last you a lifetime.

7. The Food

Scandinavian Christmas-food is comfort-food at its best. Every Nordic country and area serve their own local holiday-specialties but they have a few things in common. The food is often rich and served hot: expect anything from roast moose to fish and baked ham. The meal mainly consists of locally sourced ingredients. In Norway you get cookies and cakes of all shapes and varieties served with coffee after dinner, while in Finland they stick to Santa’s personal favourite: gingerbread.

8. Outdoor adventures

Our Christmas-tours include a range of exciting winter-activities. Visits to nearby husky-farms, reindeers, snowshoeing, guided Northern Lights-tours, bonfires, snowmobile rides and Santa-visits are just some of the things you can experience in white Christmas Winter Wonderland.

9. Short days, long nights

Yes, the days are short and the nights are long but it’s all part of the white Christmas charm. The hour when the sun sets (around noon!) is often referred to as ‘the blue hour’ thanks to the stunning shade of blue on the snow-covered landscape as the brief daylight comes to an end.

10. Amazing holiday-photos

Needless to say, a white Christmas gets you the most enviable holiday-album and Instagram-feed on the block. It's hard not to be mesmerised by snow-covered trees, cabins, glass-igloos and hills. Are you convinced? You can find all our Christmas tours here.


Image credits: Asaf Kliger, ICEHOTEL, _Emelie Asplund, Visit Sweden, Juho Kuva Visit Finland, Eeva Mäkinen, Visit Finland, Lola Akinmade Åkerström/imagebank.sweden.se