Sergei Gussev


Vilhelmina - the hub of Southern Lapland

Vilhelmina is located by Lake Volgsjö and is a hub in southern Lapland, with the opportunity to partake of culture, nature and thrilling outdoor activities.

Highlights include a visit to Vilhelmina church town offering a trip back in time. Visit the classic church cottages and imagine how life was many centuries ago. Here you can buy locally made handicrafts, visit the local heritage area and stay in an authentic environment surrounded by captivating culture and beautiful countryside.

Settler Week in July is a themed event focused on settler culture. Activities include guided tours of the town, exhibitions, concerts, a farmer's market, lectures, Sami culture and much more for both adults and children. The second weekend of July is host to a traditional folk music festival, first held in the summer of 1942.

The popular Wilhelmina Winter Weekend offers visitors the chance to experience snow, cold and real winter weather at its most fun.

Not far from the town are basic cycle paths and easily accessed footpaths and hiking trails. Take a stroll around Lake Volgsjö and stop off at the Gubbsele Rapids or take a drive to Sagatun and experience Blaikfjäll Nature Reserve. Here you'll find easily followed footpaths with impressive stairways and footbridges. You can choose between two footpaths, Stormyrsstigen and Sumpskogsstigen.

Vilhelmina Municipality is known for its good fishing waters. The town itself is home to several interesting lakes and stretches of running water. In Vilhelmina you can step off the bus or train and walk to a fishing area. Lake Volgsjö is just outside town and is known for its large brown trout. You can also try the lower end of Vojmån, which offers high-class char fishing.

Vilhelmina even has its own airport, South Lapland Airport, that is usually referred to as the gateway to the wilderness. It's serviced by direct flights from Arlanda Airport. In the summer you can also travel by train on the classic Inland Line to Vilhelmina.