Irina Dalelskaya

Kurilskoye Lake

Kurilskoye Lake - home to Kamchatka bears.

Kurilskoye Lake is famous for being one of the largest salmon spawning area in Kamchatka. Estimated amounts of fish spawning is roughly 6 million species.

Spawning lasts from August till November and reaches its highest point in October. During this period one can see a lot of small & big animals appearing along the lakeshore. Fish also attracts Kamchatka's huge brown bears. Near the Lake a purpose built special safe viewing tower has been built to observe the astonishing scenes of bears fishing in their natural habitat.

Accommodation in a small cozy wooden lodge on Grassy Point. The lodge is two stories with 2 bunk rooms of 5 people each on the second floor. One, 5 person bunk room and a dining room are situated on the first floor. A "wrap around" deck affords a gorgeous view of Kurilskoye Lake and surrounding mountains. Often it is possible to watch bears fishing along the lakeshore without even leaving the territory of the lodge. There will be time to enjoy excursions along the lake's pumice rock beach and you will briefed about the next day's activities here.