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Kangerlussuaq into the Heart of Greenland

A visit to Kangerlussuaq is almost like a travel in time - the visitor finds himself surrounded by a landscape similar to the ice age where prehistoric Musk Oxen are seen in front of the huge glaciers and the gigantic Inland Ice Cap which covers 85% of Greenland.

The location approx. 160km from the coast makes Kangerlussuaq one of the most weather stable destinations in Greenland - and with an often clear sky this makes Kangerlussuaq one of the best destinations in the world to experience the Northern Light - during the last 10 seasons 99% of all Arctic Adventure clients staying min. 4 nights in Kangerlussuaq have experienced the amazing Aurora Borealis!

Kangerlussuaq is the best area in Greenland to spot Arctic wildlife - close to the hotel you often see reindeer and musk oxen! And no other destination in Greenland offers this easy access to the Inland Ice Cap - here we drive by 4x4 vehicle directly to the amazing Ice Cap.

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