Restaurants in Turku

There are many wonderful restaurants in Turku as it has become one of the culinary hubs in Finland. To avoid disappointment, let us know, if you would like us to make a table reservation for you as some of these restaurants are very popular.

Restaurant info:
Restaurant Smör Ambassadors of local food, masters of Nordic cuisine. At Restaurant Smör, inspiration is drawn from the seasonal and fresh local produce, and the menu if updated every eight weeks.

Restaurant Mami
"Everyone should gather for meals in good spirits and joy, therefore forgetting their sorrows and sorrows for a moment."

Restaurant Pinella
Pinella has by far the best cocktail bar in Turku. Should you want to enjoy proper cocktail made from best ingredients head here.

Restaurant Kaskis(requires advance booking) Kaskis is best in town for fine dining experience. Reasonably priced, famous for their tasting menus and friendly service.