New Year's Eve in Reykjavik

Visiting Reykjavik at New Year's Eve can easily become a highlight of your Iceland holiday. Bonfires light up the sky and bars & restaurants know how to put on a visitor friendly party. The nearest local bonfire to the town center is located at Ægissíða in the west side of town. It takes around 20 - 30 min to walk there from the town center and the bonfire is lighted at 20:30.

The best view for the fireworks that usually peak around midnight are somewhere high up. Here are a few examples of places you might like to go to for the show:

Hallgrímskirkja on Skólavörðuholt

Perlan in Öskjuhlið

The pond (tjörnin) in the city center. Not high up but it can be magical to see the fireworks reflect in the water.

Be sure to make dinner reservations before you arrive - we can help you with suggestions.