Image courtesy of the Livrustkammaren Museum

Livrustkammaren Museum

This small museum is the oldest museum in Sweden, located in the beautiful cellar vaults of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. The Royal Armoury illustrates the history of Sweden's monarchs from Gustav Vasa (1496-1560) up until the present day with arms and armours, magnificent gold-embroidered robes from royal weddings and coronations, as well as a number of elegant state coaches.

Here you will also find historic items such as the blood-stained shirts and buff jerkin which Gustavus Adolphus was wearing when he was killed in the battle at Lützen (Germany) in 1632. The costume worn by Gustavus III when he was assassinated at a masqued ball at the Royal Opera in 1792 is also on display, as is the uniform worn by Charles XII when he was killed in the trenches at Fredrikshald (Norway) in 1718.

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Free Admission.