Via Ritzau


From the moment you arrive at the spectacular dragon-guarded entrance, you’ll be delighted by interactive LEGO features, fully themed bedrooms and play areas, and lots of kid’s entertainment! LEGOLAND offers direct VIP access to LEGOLAND, family friendly restaurants and is next to a waterpark.

Opened in 2019: An enchanted castle towers right beside LEGOLAND®. The king and the queen reside here in the Kingdom of LEGOLAND, and you may be their guest, if you like. In fact, there are 142 fairy tale rooms, and you may choose yourself where you want to stay – will it be in the princess's royal chambers, in the dragon knight’s cool living room or in the wizard’s magical observatory? Whatever you choose, you are the guest of honour in the fairy tale.

Explore the castle and discover the LEGO® magic everywhere. Already now you can look forward to meeting lots of brave princesses and knights, busy ladies-in-waiting, mystical wizards and fire-breathing dragons. So turn down the visor and put on the seven-league boots, because it's time to step into a genuine fairy tale.

Swimming pool next door -
Take a refreshing swim in Billund Swimming Centre, or treat yourself to a visit to the Wellness department. Family washing just got a lot more fun.
The swimming pool admission is not included.

Adult time -
After a long day in LEGOLAND it is time to relax and unwind. Enjoy a cup of coffee by the fireplace in the lounge or a drink in the Concorde Bar while the children play in the playroom. Get 'fit for fight' in our exercise room, or take an inspirational walk along our sculpture path near the hotel.