Trondheim City Walk

A walk through Trondheim is a journey through its 1,000-year history. The harbour was developed during the second half of the 19th century, and you start your walk here at the quay. You walk up to Stiftsgården, the royal residence in Trondheim, and continue to the market square to take a closer look at the statue of the city’s founder, the Viking King Olav Tryggvason, which towers over this busy square. From here, you continue to Nidaros Cathedral, the national monument of Norway.

You cross the old city bridge with its red gateway, known to the locals as “the portal of happiness”, and enter the area of the city called Bakklandet, which has managed to preserve its charming wooden architecture. Originally this was the industrial part of the city, but now the old factories have been renovated into desirable housing surrounded by boutique shops and gourmet restaurants. And it’s here that you find the world’s one and only bicycle lift which has to be seen to be believed!


  • Trondheim
  • Duration: 2.15 hr
  • Dates: 1 Jan - 31 Dec