August Dellert

Understanding Nordic cultures through the lens of different wines

Wanting to learn about Nordic cultures? Or perhaps to decide which Nordic country to visit on your first trip to Northern Europe?

One option is to let your palate decide! See our (tongue in cheek) comparison of Nordic countries and their resemblance to different varieties of wines.

The 5 official Nordic countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Finland – are all beautiful and unique in their own way. Although these 5 countries share a lot of similarities (for example, in the realms of politics, social support, safety, education, consistent high ranking in the World Happiness Report, and so on), they of course also differ from each other. This article looks at the culture of each Nordic country through their resemblance to different varieties of wines (even though none of these countries produce their own!).


Norwegians are the Cabernet Sauvignon of the Nordics: Detailed, rich and classy, with a love for exploring the world, especially nature, around them. Proud, content, and strong in character, they can easily thrive in solitude, yet they are also flexible enough to adapt to new challenges with relative ease. Visionaries with big ideas when motivated. kelsey-knight-udj2tD3WKsY-unsplash


Swedes are the Sauvignon Blanc of the Nordics: Sophisticated and outgoing with great design and taste. Tends to be the alpha dog that commands attention (and the one that Finns and Norwegians compare themselves to). Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny the appeal. daniel-vogel-EXW6G48ZFIw-unsplash


Danes are the Merlot of the bunch: More laid-back and adaptable, and although very honest and outspoken, they easily get along with a variety of people. They value simplicity and comfort, but also tend to find themselves on-the-go with plenty of socialising in their calendars.nick-karvounis-wnuHCwLJDqY-unsplash


Icelanders are at the Gewürztraminer of the Nordics (resembling Moscato and Riesling): Less familiar and unique, but sweeter in nature. They are friendly, creative, and unafraid to think outside of the box or try something unconventional. thomas-martinsen- 1h39ZUXDbE-unsplash


Finns are the cask wine (or boxed wine) of the lot: Frugal, practical, and in a category totally their own (even the language bears no resemblance to the other four). Self-deprecating, frank and honest (what you see is what you get), they are also hospitable and modest with a dry sense of humour. Not big on small talk. katherine-chase- G75sGc0LeQ-unsplash

(Written by a Finn)