Tour St. Petersburg in Winter

Winter is a magical time to visit Russia - opulent galleries & theatres, fur hats & charming cake shops.

Touring Russia in winter has several massive advantages - the summer crowds have subsided at the Galleries, snow might dust the ground creating a picture perfect scenes around each corner & the Russians take hot chocolates with cake in sumptuous 'salons de te' very seriously. What’s more, you get to 'glam it up' with fur hats!

Visit the Hermitage

The Hermitage never ceases to amaze those who venture in with vast galleries of treasures - gold, jewels and Renaissance art. Unlike summer when you need to seriously use your elbows to enjoy the marvels, in winter, the crowds tend to be happy Russian school children, wedding parties and relaxed visitors. Be sure to visit the Russian Museum, adjoining the Mikhaylovsky Garden and the outdoor souvenir markets nearby.

After sightseeing, allow plenty of time to relax in the cafes and restaurants of St. Petersburg Warm up with hot chocolates, delectable cake and dazzling evening dinners. andrew-trunov-1201628-unsplash

Visiting the Ballet and Theatre in St. Petersburg is highly recommended and the winter program is just as extensive as the summer season! Every theatre & museum is equipped with banquettes opposite their cloakrooms that allow you sit comfortably as you swap your snowshoes for your indoor-shoes (which quickly slip into your plastic bag to go into the cloak room).

Winter Dining Options in St. Petersburg

Pushka Inn Restaurant

Next door to the Pushka Inn Hotel, you will find a simple restaurant offering appealing Russian food at a good price andwith an English menu. It is perfect if you have arrived hungry and still getting your bearings. This is also the breakfast room.
Address: Moyka River Embakment 14
Pushka Inn Restaurant

For authentic, reasonably priced and delicious local food, we suggest also visiting Yat, 20 metres from the Pushka Inn Hotel. You will see the sign in English outside and then you head down into the cellar. It is larger than you think down there, although it gets busy so we recommend securing a booking earlier in the day. There is a playroom for children.
Address: Moyka River Embankment 16