Scandinavian health and wellness holidays - floating hot tubs and saunas.

Scandinavia and Finland are the incubators for innovative ways to spend your leisure time relaxing and restoring your body. Add a special note to your tour by booking a floating hot tubs in the Copenhagen harbour, gondola saunas in the SkyWheel of Helsinki and floating saunas throughout Sweden and Finland.

The tradition of sauna and hot water soaking in Scandinavia goes a long way back and is a must do if you want to experience an essential part of Nordic culture. It is a tradition practiced all year round, but a very different and memorable experience when cold winters kick in.

The latest version of this ancient tradition is floating saunas and hot tubs.

In Copenhagen you can try a sailing hot tub. For 2 hours, you cruise around the harbour of northern Copenhagen in 40℃/104℉ in hot clean salt water. You have your own skipper and you can soak whilst enjoying the magnificent view of Copenhagen. For a more private and exclusive option you can try the Tower Hot tub where a bottle of Cava is included in the price.Copenhot

There are also private stationary hot tubs where you can relax for 1 hr at the harbourfront and if you are up for a challenge, hop in the Cold Tub- filled with cold water and sometimes ice. This one is popular and will no doubt provide some great photos for social media.

CopenHot has various options for saunas as well, from panoramic saunas with spectacular view of the Little Mermaid and the Marmor church to a small Sauna Hut for up to 4 people.
Copenhot 2

In Oslo KOK’s floating sauna offers stunning views of the sea where you can combine sitting in the hot sauna and jump into the crisp water of the Oslo Fjord. Summer or winter- as long as the sea is ice free, these 3-4 hours tours are popular with both the locals and tourists.

There are also several other floating saunas positioned around Norway, including Sandvika, Hamar and Holmsbu.

If you want to try a truly unique sauna experience, the SkySauna in Helsinki is one of a kind. A sauna in the sky with an amazing sea view combined with a massaging hot tub on the ground. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the package. Yes, you are seriously in a gondola on a skywheel - 12 minutes in the gondola sauna, with three spins around. Luxury options including Veuve Clicquot VIP packages can be arranged. Very dangerous, indeed.

Sauna’s in unusual places should not come as a surprise in Scandinavia, but the floating Arctic Bath in the heart of Swedish Lapland is spectacular not only for its external architecturally design of criss-crossed logs, but for northern lights in winter and midnight sun in summer. Try an open-air cold bath to revitalise you from the inside out or enjoy a range of wellness treatments in magnificent surroundings. We have a Swedish tour package that includes a visit to the Arctic Bath as well as hot air ballooning over Swedish Lapland.

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Image credit: Sam Hurley, KOK Oslo, Arctic Bath, Anders Blomqvist.