Russian River Cruises along the Volga

Our Volga River cruises bring the highlights of Russia to you.

Combine Russian rural and city life

If you would like to visit both St Petersburg and Moscow but also experience the rural side of Russia, why not book a river cruise and combine all of this? The Volga Dream offers you a luxurious stay onboard with hospitable and knowledgeable personnel offering you the best service possible both onboard and during the shore excursions arranged in small guided groups.

Experience Russian history on the Volga Dream

Experience the old and interesting history of Russia during the stops of your river cruise. Visit places like Uglich, known for its ancient architecture dating back to 937, the medieval cathedrals of Yaroslavl, Europe’s largest monastery from the 14th century in Goritsy and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kizhi Island that holds one of the oldest wooden chapels in Russia.
Volga Dream Russia

Dine well on board Volga Dream

Taste the different delicacies that Russia has to offer such as beef stroganoff, caviar, pirozhiki’s (small pies) filled with potatoes, meat and cabbage and many more. And don’t forget the wide variety of vodkas that come either clean or flavoured with anything from berries and vanilla to lemon and pepper.

If you would like to add a few nights extra in Moscow or St Petersburg with some added tours, we are more than happy to help you with the arrangements with the help of our local, knowledgeable, suppliers.

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