Multi-generational Scandinavian Travel

Shared experiences make lifelong memories and our multi-generational family holidays offer it all.

Multi-generational travel to our region, Scandinavia, Finland and Iceland is one of our specialities. We have embraced this type of travel and regularly organise large family groups to spend their precious leisure time as our guests.

When it comes to multi-generational travel to our region we believe it is some of the smaller details that leads to success.

Family Accommodation in our region

Lodges in our region that cater for multi-generational groups can be found for both summer and winter stays. Many of our lodges have been traditional planned as places for the extended family to stay. Loft rooms for younger children; basement areas for teenagers to hang out in and open dining areas for families are common in Scandinavian lodges. Many of these lodges also have multiple bathrooms and small private lounge areas within bedrooms to help create space and privacy, such as this special accommodation (pictured below) in the fjords of Norway.

Many of our hotel resorts mix up their offer with traditional hotel rooms, cabins and even local houses converted to guest accommodation. You might find three or four different types of accommodation on one property. Using these different types of accommodation works well for multi-generational groups i.e. families with young children might prefer a small private cabin whilst the older generations might like a small room within the main property with easier access. Some of our resorts even have adventurous accommodation options such as an aurora dome that the younger groups can stay one night for a unique experience during the program.

On our Christmas programs, we have some very large lodges that can cater for up to 30 people or more comfortably. Often this lodge will come with a personal attendant and chef. All activities and meals can be included to make for a stressfree Christmas vacation.

Finland tours

One of our lodges in Äkäslompolo

Catering for different age groups at dinner time

Scandinavia = Smörgåsbord and how better to take away some of the stress during meal times with different age groups. Children of all ages enjoy having access to their own food choices and there is always lots of healthy options that will keep parents and grandparents happy. For breakfast, children will enjoy making their own waffles and it keeps them occupied as the older generations enjoy their coffees and newspapers. Generous healthy breakfast smörgåsbord are nearly always included in our Scandinavian holidays.

Lunch in Scandinavia is generally light and often involves picnics. Great for all ages! We typically don't include this meal to keep the options open and add flexibility in the program.

Dinnertime for families is never a struggle in Scandinavia. Healthy and fresh smörgåsbord are easy to find and whilst you will normally find French fries for children, there will certainly be a lot more 'real food' child-attractive options for children to pick. Plain fish, simple chicken and pasta dishes with fresh salads and wholesome bread is pretty standard fare in our region. You cannot go wrong with swedish meatballs either - healthy versions of the IKEA staple. Nice big shared tables are common in Scandinavia. Fresh water is always on hand and Scandinavians are generally very relaxed and happy to serve children. English children menus are common.

For travelling with younger children in our region, we will provide you with a guide to catering before you leave with helpful tips about types of food that you will get on tour.

Activities on tour

One of the reasons Scandinavia is so good for multigenerational travel and family travel is that we have so many activities that are just part of that destination. Research shows that it’s the trips that pack in plenty of activities that are the most popular when it comes to multi-generational travel. Dogsledding, reindeer sledding, snow mobile rides, visiting Santa, canoeing, hiking.. you name it, you can find it here!

Credits: Asaf Kliger/

Many of our lodges offer several activities on the same day and close to the same time slot. Some of your party can do easier activities whilst others can choose a more adventurous option. Our countryside properties are generally set in a beautiful location - perfect for reading and relaxing whilst others stretch their legs.

Young toddlers are well catered for in our region - play equipment and parks are everywhere and in the front of most countryside hotels. Most lobbies, cafes and restaurants will have family friendly boxes full of toys or spots to sit and wait. Airports have play rooms, quiet and private for families with younger children to wait - microwaves are easy to find for general use. You will have no trouble finding public facilities with convenient change rooms for nappies. Looking after families has been well mastered in Scandinavia.

Multi-generation family travel groups will also enjoy our lovely cities. Museums such as the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, the Viking museums in Denmark & Norway and various art galleries cater for all generations. Our museums are easy to access with different sections, appealing not only the little ones and the oldies but also teenagers. Many of the big cities have fun parks, set alongside green spaces. Send the teenagers off to the ABBA museum or Gröna Lund Amusement Park in Stockholm when you are ready for a long lunch or stroll around Skansen.

Cultural centre for children, Stockholm is one example of museums designed to awaken the child’s curiosity and desire for storytelling, art and music. Room for Children is an example, a library and arts centre for children aged 0–10 years. Credit: Anna Sofi, Visit Sweden

Evenings on tour with multi-generations

So, the day has been full of adventures and then night falls... the kids are fed. What next? During summer, bear in mind, that is often light until midnight - children can head out for more summer time play or a evening romp. Trampolines are a common sight in Scandinavia and you will often hear children bouncing on them all night. Often, resorts will have simple activities close at hand to keep kids entertained - free bikes, play equipment or such. Grab a glass of wine and relax as you watch the kids frollick in the midnight sun!

Swedish children using the right of public access (Allemansrätten) to play in the woods, credit: Ulf Lundin, Visit Sweden

During winter, tobogganing or snow play can be a easy way to entertain the kids. Areas outside are generally well lit and safe. Saunas and hot tubs are also fun for the family to experience. A lot of the time you will have a small sauna in your room or access to one in your lodge/resort. Board games to share are common - English books and TV shows are also easy to find. Of course, if all else fails, there is generally free fast Wi-Fi available.

We look forward to hosting your family in our region and hope that memories are made and quality family time becomes a reality! 
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