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Hurtigruten with our Midnight Sun Lapland tour

Experience memorable midsummer vacation up in the north by combining a Hurtigruten coastal voyage in Norway and a leisurely stay in Finnish Lapland.

Would you like to enjoy the Norwegian coast, good hiking routes, Finnish lakes and forests whilst learning about the culture heritage and traditional hospitality of Lapland this summer? Experience a memorable midsummer vacation up in the north by combining a Hurtigruten coastal voyage in Norway and a leisurely stay in Finnish Lapland on our Midnight Sun in Lapland tour.

Start your summer adventure in Norway: Classic 7 day Hurtigruten voyage: Bergen – Kirkenes

From the fjords to the high Arctic. Sail through narrow fjords and charming ports on the Hurtigruten unique coastal ships. This adventure will give you spectacular experiences you will never forget.

Summer is the most popular time of year for exploring Norway’s coast. The long, light days during the summer months seem to energise both nature and people. Even as far south as Bergen, you can experience 19 hours of daylight. Flowers bloom, rivers fill with fish and giant waterfalls cascade towards the ocean, creating a picture-perfect setting for a summer holiday.

Adventure continues: Welcome to Inari!

Just 3 hours from Kirkenes (the final port of the North bound Hurtigruten Voyage), you can visit the magical Inari, home to some of the most significant Sámi museums in Lapland. After your transfers to Inari, our Midnight Sun in Lapland tour is based here for 5 memorable days.

In Inari you will be accommodated in the family-owned hotel, Hotel Kultahovi. Hotel Kultahovi which offers premium service, heritage, culture and nature. The hotel resides in a magnificent location along River Juutua and its rapids, a central location in Inari village, which is the home of Sámi culture in Finland. The hotel owners aim to give visitors during their stay a knowledge of the cultural heritage of Inari and the Sámi area at large.

Your hotel stay on this tour - Hotel Kultahovi

Sámi cultural day with visit to a Lappish home

When in Inari you should not miss a visit Sámi Siida museum, where you will learn about Sámi culture and the diverse nature of Northern Lapland.

After your visit in Sámi Siida museum, you will visit a real Lappish home where you will learn more about how essential reindeers are for Lappish life.

At the Hostesses house, you will find out about the process of how traditional Sámi fur boots are made from reindeer hide and hear a personal and authentic account of what life is really like in the far north.

The midsummer days with lake cruises & midnight hikes

Have a night dip in the lake since the midnight sun might keep you awake as it will be full daylight outside all night.

During these light midsummer days we hike, relax in sauna, visit a husky farm and take a cruise around Lake Inari and Ukko Island.

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