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How to Pack for a Nordic Summer Holiday

Summer in Scandinavia is around the corner - have fun all our travellers!

A Nordic summer is often affectionately called a “green winter” by the locals, but fear not: a Scandinavian summer covers a wide range of weather during the months June through to August. In the past few years we have enjoyed an unseasonably warm late-July and August, while June and early July resembles spring with cool, overcast days.

The Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland have varying climates depending on how far north you go. The further north, the colder it gets. In the south you’ll find the capital cities of Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki, as well as Denmark with its capital Copenhagen. Summers here varies from mild to warm depending on the day. Weather wise, we recommend looking at our local weather website or for expected daylight hours, check Time and date

A Nordic summer ‘rule of thumb’ is to pack for all seasons- sometimes they’ll happen all in one day!

What to Pack for your Scandinavian holiday

  • A hooded rain-proof windcheater jacket that zips up: This is perfect for cool, wet days or windy voyages on local ships/ boats/ ferries.
  • Light, long-sleeve tee-shirts: Nordic summers require layering; long-sleeve tees are perfect over singlets/ tees while you wait for the sun to appear.
  • Shorts/ skirts/ dresses/ t-shirts: Depending on your location; some days can reach temperatures as high as 30 degrees. Pack some of your summer-staples.
  • Pants like jeans, chinos or cargo-pants for practical comfort on cooler days.
  • Compression-leggings/ tops are handy if you plan on hiking during your Nordic summer-break.
  • Warm jumper (polar-fleece or wool): Handy as day turns to night, or on cold days.
  • A couple of pair of warm socks (or buy lovely woollen ones as a practical souvenir during your trip)
  • Shoes: Runners, sandals, thongs (hiking-boots if you plan on hiking). I always pack one nicer pair of shoes for dressier nights out - just in case!
  • Bathers: you might find yourself near a fjord, lake or beach on a gorgeous, sunny Scandinavian day!

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Drottningholm is the private residence of the King and Queen of Sweden

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