Foodies get ready: our 'Beautiful Norway' tours are not only about fjords and magnificent scenery

Take a closer look at the boutique hotels and restaurants that we recommend as a part of our independent 'Beautiful Norway' tour across the fjords. We start in Lom, take a culinary stopover in Skjolden after having journeyed along the mountain pass across Sognefjellet, and finish at our beautiful accommodation in Aurland.

Discover history and tradition in Lom: The Fossheim Hotel and restaurant.

The Fossheim Hotel is an excellent example of our carefully selected boutique hotels along the 'Beautiful Norway' itinerary. It is instantly clear to visitors that this is a place full of history, tradition, comfort, and beauty. The main building was created in 1897 and was originally used as a ski station, still retaining the outer look of a ski lodge. It is surrounded by other historic, wooden buildings, characterised by intricate, appealing details, woodcarvings, art, and antiques of many kinds. Most notably, the 'Gaukstadstugu' is one of the most gorgeous and well-preserved timber houses from 17th century Norway. It is difficult not to fall in love with this place.

The respect for history and tradition is also evident in the food available at Fossheim: the restaurant menu focuses on traditional Norwegian foods - with modern twists - and visitors can also participate in chef courses and learn tricks of the trade from the Fossheim masterchef. The restaurant menu focuses on local produce available in the nearby mountains, lakes, and gardens of Lom, although it changes according to what is easily available in each season. Expect to sink your teeth into some local fish or game - how does reindeer, moose, deer or grouse sound to you?

Discover modern Norway in Lom: The Brimi Bue

Another culinary highlight in Lom that you should not miss is the cafe Brimi Bue, owned by the renowned chef Arne Brimi. It is flashy and recognisably Scandinavian in a more contemporary manner, surrounded by plain wood, big glass windows and open plan design. The café's specialties include gourmet platters of ham, cheese and fish, and flame-grilled meats. The specific content of the menu changes from one day to the next, with only a few choices each day, but they are guaranteed to be tasty and to please the eyes as well as your taste buds.

Take a rest stop for the soul in beautiful Aurland: Vangsgården Gjestegiveri

The Vangsgården Gjestegiveri is yet another one of our carefully selected boutique hotels, located in the oldest buildings in Aurland. Situated in an excellent location at the innermost corner of the Sognefjord and the shores of Aurlandsfjord, it offers fantastic views of the surrounding mountains. Staring out towards the water and the backdrop of the mountains, you are like to be feel a sense of peace and serenity which is very different from our busy, everyday lives. Take some time to stop and enjoy it.

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Vangsgaarden Aurland 5

Image: Vansgaarden Aurland