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Experiences not to be missed on your Northern Lights holiday

What's hot for the 2024 Northern Lights season: Surfing under the Northern Lights, snorkelling or perhaps proposing under the Northern Lights.

From fall until spring, Northern Lapland enjoys spectacular displays of aurora borealis. Thousands of people from across the globe visit the region every year for a chance to see the magical northern lights. We propose you do it a bit differently with help from us. We will get you off-the-beaten path, staying in cozy cabins or unique hotels, enjoying adventures without the crowds. Nearly all of our Northern Lights packages include dogsledding, reindeer sledding and snowmobiling - what sets us apart from the crowd, is that we try to include intimate experiences with locals determined to show you the best of their home country.

Here are our top five suggestions for ways to see the Northern Lights a little differently in 2024.

1. Sami Cultural Experiences

The Northern Lights are very significant to the Sami people of Arctic Europe who have lived and worked in the area that stretches over the regions now known as Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Russian Kola Peninsula. The lights figure prominently in their mythology and legends and you can learn about these stories whilst you are visiting our region.

The reindeer and the Sami have been living and working on this land for centuries and they have only recently invited guests to learn about the Northern Lights legends and stories on evening Northern Lights reindeer experiences. Feed the reindeer in the nighttime, have a traditional sami dinner with the Sami Reindeer Herders while they tell you about their culture and their beliefs.

After dinner you will be invited into a lavuu (Sami tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture and how it is to be a reindeer herder. The Sami guide will also perform a joik (traditional Sami song) for the guests.
Sorrisniva The Global Wizards Sami Reindeer Experience 2

2. Hot tub, saunas and bubbles

For something a little lighter, why not combine your Northern Lights experience with a little bit of fun! Many of our cabins and lodges have outdoor hot tubs, saunas and snow to jump into afterwards to cool down.

Some of these hot tubs are rustic and simple, others glamorous! Some on the edge of fjords or on frozen rivers, others within luxurious hotel grounds.You can often hire out a ‘sauna and hot tub experience’ – these can seem expensive but it generally means you have pretty lovely facilities and services to yourself. A very unique and romantic way to see the Northern lights above!

Stay in the glass igloos at Levi and rent a hot tub by the hour. Or stay at Lyngen Lodge and hope into this beautiful hot tub below, any time of the day.
Lyngen Lodge 22

3. Unique Glamping & Glass Igloos

Don’t follow the crowds when it comes to places to stay in the Aurora Zone. There has been a flurry of building in our region to accommodate all the Northern Lights fanatics and with each year, new glass igloos and hotels designed to maximise the chances to see the Northern Lights from your rooms are opening. We know what's opening next - just ask us! Review our complete range of Glass Igloos & Domes holidays here.
Aurora Village 2021 3

4. Thrill Seekers: Why not Surf, Ski & Snorkel with the Northern lights

Yes, Mick Fanning surfed under the Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands, Norway and the image of his feat has be published world wide. So why not, ski or perhaps snorkel under the lights as well.

Many of our winter tours are based close to ski fields and whilst the runs may not be long, they are certainly fun! Finland and Sweden have carved out a niche in snow parks & jumps and are all super family friendly!

Iceland provides you the chance to snorkel and then see the Northern Lights afterwards. In Silfra you float between the North-American plate and the Eurasian plate surrounded by the amazing clarity of the water and the mesmerizing colours of this underwater world. Afterwards, you can join different options to extend the chance to see the Northern Lights by boat.
Our custom-made 9-day Active Iceland includes snorkelling at Silfra.

Snorkeling in Silfra

5. Proposing under the Northern Lights or something else romantic...

This picture pretty much sums it all up! March this year, Photographer Dale Sharpe asked his girlfriend Karlie Russell (who is also a photographer) to be his wife while the Aurora Borealis danced behind them. Read more about their romantic adventure here.

Another romantic option is to reserve window seats at one of the local restaurants that have awesome views over the mountains such as the Abisko Sky Station. The Loen Skylift is in the heart of Fjord Norway - what a great place to pop the question!! It isn't as high as the Arctic Circle but conveniently located near Bergen - just remember to look North!

Image credit: Aurora Village, Lyngen Lodge, Sorrisniva The Global Wizards Sami Reindeer Experience