Per Pixel Petersson, Läckö Castle

From castles to treetops: 5 romantic hotels in southern Sweden

Looking for some truly unique, romantic and authentic places to stay in Scandinavia during the summer months? These five gems in southern Sweden are fantastic, easy options to add to your next visit to Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Too many summer visitors to Sweden stick to the major cities and miss the magic that is found in southern Sweden. History is alive here, with countless romantic castles and other unique getaway options only a few hours from Stockholm or Gothenburg. Below is a list of five extraordinary, romantic hotels to experience on your next visit to the region.

1. Sundbyholms Slott in Eskilstuna

Sundbyholms Slott, or Sundbyholm Castle, is a great choice for a romantic, relaxing castle weekend away, less than a 1.5-hour drive from the hustle and bustle of Stockholm. Built in the 1640s, the castle itself has a restaurant, a breakfast room as well as banquet halls (great for romantic castle dinners and weddings), however accommodation takes place in a number of other buildings on the property. The rooms vary from more modern hotel rooms to a variety of classical, historical suites. This Nordic Ecolabel hotel is situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren, third largest freshwater lake in Sweden. While here, also visit the Ramsund Carving, a 1000-year-old stone carving from the Viking period, depicting a pictorial account of the heroic deeds of Sigurd the dragon slayer.

Anna Hållams/

2. Hotell Västanå Slott in Gränna

Built in 1590, the romantic hotel Västanå Slott, or Västanå Manor, is one of Sweden’s best-preserved and most authentic castle properties. It became the first manor house hotel in the country in 1948 and has been attracting history, culture, and food lovers ever since (the cuisine being a key element here). In addition to the well-preserved exterior, the castle interior is full of romantic and historical features, fabrics and art. The castle also offers a stunning view of Lake Vättern and its surroundings. A 3-hour drive south-west from Stockholm, this is another lovely, romantic getaway that is easily added to your visit to the capital.

3. Strandflickornas Havshotell in Lysekil

Strandflickornas Havshotell, translated to English as the Seaside Girls' Sea Hotel, is owned and managed by the dynamic female duo, Åsa and Bettina. Located in picturesque Lysekil, the "Strandflickorna" is a romantic, late 19th century boutique hotel by the sea. The hotel has charming, individually designed rooms, each of them dedicated to a historical person (whether real or imaginary). Both rooms and common areas have been restored and renovated in ways that honour their 19th century origins, with Art Noveau furniture, traditional wallpaper, and lots of creative flair. Only a 1.5-hour drive north of Gothenburg, this is another fantastic romantic hotel to visit during you trip to Sweden.

Best of all, you can stay in all of the three properties mentioned above (Sundbyholm Castle, Västanå Castle and Strandflickornas Havshotell) on our independent 6-day itinerary Stockholm return self-drive tour independent 6-day itinerary Stockholm return self-drive tour.

4. Bjertorp Slott in Kvänum

The magnificent, stylish Bjertorp Slott , or Bjertorp Manor, is a beautiful Art Noveau style castle that was built in 1914. The rooms and lounges in this romantic hotel are full of history, genuine character and striking colours, as are the lush castle grounds outside. Furthermore, the restaurant at Bjertorp Slott is regularly mentioned in Sweden’s premier restaurant guides, recommended by the country’s finest chefs. Located just a 1.5-hour drive north-east of Gothenburg, this is a must-see destination during your visit to Gothenburg. You can also stay here, for example, as a part of our independent 5-day Sweden tour Gothenburg to Stockholm short self-drive.Bjertorp Slott in Kvänum, Sweden

5. Islanna Trädhushotell in Falköping

Last but not least is the unique Islanna Trädhushotell, or Islanna Treehouse Hotel, which is situated in the woodland next to Hornborgasjön lake, approximately 1 hour and 45 minute drive north-east of Gothenburg. This unusual, romantic hotel is comprised of two houses, Andrum (Breathing Space) and Sjunde Himlen (Seventh Heaven), both situated 6.5 metres high in the canopy of magnificent oak trees. Both houses are beautifully decorated and contain a welcome gift of fruit, chocolate and sparkling wine. In the morning, a breakfast basket is lifted to the balcony for your enjoyment. Experience this romantic stay in the treetops on one of our favourite self-drive itineraries, the 6-day Oslo to Gothenburg self-drive tour.

Islanna Trädhushotell in Falköping, Sweden

Photo Credits: Per Pixel Petersson/, Carolina Romare/, Anna Hållams/ and courtesy of the hotels mentioned.