Scandinavia tour review, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Jenny and Sylvia December 2016

January 16th 2017

"Hi Asko,

We are back to reality from our most fantastic holiday!! We have to thank you as it was perfectly organised and everything went like clockwork. We loved every country we went to but Norway and Bergen was just the most beautiful city & country I have been to. Just loved it, the scenery, Norway in a nutshell was awesome, we saw so much, loved the Flam railway and Geilo was just gorgeous, snowy, beautiful. The weather was great, wasn't too cold for us.

St Petersburg was amazing, the overnight ferry was very comfortable, it was interesting, we had a good time. The city was something else, WOW!!! the guide was great, the architecture, people, churches, all amazing.

Tallin was great, loved the old walled city and the modern town outside.

Iceland, now that was an interesting country. Reykjavik was quite nice BUT you didn't warn us how expensive it was. It was out of control how expensive it was. Lucky we paid for the tours and the blue lagoon which was great. It was full of drunken poms but quite an experience!!!

The overnight ferry from Oslo to Denmark was great too. A little rough but we enjoyed the duty free shopping & food on board. Denmark was very pretty, expensive but gorgeous. Walked around everywhere, saw lots of palaces and sights. We crossed the Oresund bridge to Malmö on the worse day , it was raining and the car we had to take us across was a van with blackout windows!! We were not happy!! The whole idea was to look out the window as we're crossing but alas it was not to be.

Sweden was amazing, loved Stockholm, it was so pretty!!! We walked and took the ferry to other islands, had a wonderful time catching up with my cousin and the food was delicious. Malmö was ok.

Now Finland, wow, what a wonderful country I loved it especially Lapland. Helsinki was great, probably the coldest city as it was windy but still fantastic!!  Biggest & best hotel room we had!!

But my favourite was Lapland!! Kakslauttanen resort was something else!!! The igloos were amazing, the cabins were just lovely & comfortable and the snow everywhere was so gorgeous. I had picked a 4 night program with an activity everyday which was awesome but after that there was nothing else too do!! To do extra activities was soooo expensive, there was no TVs, no WiFi, no other option really and it was boring. Maybe we should've done 2 nights and 2 activities per day, that way you wouldn't get so bored!! Anyway that's just my opinion. The igloo was pretty cool. 

Santa Clause village in Rovaniemi was very pretty and we were excited to be there but it was very commercial and again, nothing else to do there but see Santa for 60 and buy souvenirs!!!
**Have to tell you we did see the northern lights one night while we were in Kakslauttanen! **They were just absolutely amazing!! A once in a lifetime experience and all totally worth it. Has lots of fun doing the activities, dog sledding & snowmobiling was the best fun!!

It was a fantastic trip, hotels were great, tours, organisation, weather, everything. I would've just maybe changed a few things had we known before hand but otherwise it was awesome!!"