Norway and Denmark Review, June 2022

July 6th 2022

We came home with so many special memories and experiences from our tour of Norway and Denmark, it is impossible to pick just one favorite! But here are some of the highlights that first jump to mind:

Hiking up Mount Fløyen on our first morning in Bergen: what a delightful walk, with amazing views of the city (including the water-side view of our hotel!More about the hotel... the Admiral really showed us what to expect of Scandinavian breakfasts! They were spectacular (at EVERY hotel). My son, usually not a morning person or a breakfast eater, was the first one asking to go to breakfast EVERY MORNING of the trip!

The scenery along all the driving legs was so beautiful and breathtaking - the experience of driving (not usually my favorite part of traveling) was so much more enjoyable than we expected (we especially enjoyed the short-hop ferries!)

Loen was a definite highlight, for several reasons: My daughter (an athlete) asked the hotel staff for suggestions of where to go running and had (in her words) the best run of her life! We went out on a couple of family walks/hikes as well and were dazzled by the scale and majesty of the natural surroundings. The staff at all the hotels were unfailingly helpful and gracious - we felt so welcome! The Loen Skylift was a fun ride, and the time we spent at the top was so beautiful! There was so much snow!

Loen foto Silje Flotre Reed
Juvet Design Hotel may have been my husband's favorite place. He didn't want to leave! He was almost annoyed that we had the kayak trip booked... but of course I was not surprised that we all totally loved paddling around in the fjord on a beautiful day (with no rain!) - he later apologized for doubting that plan. The kayaking was great: our guide was personable and knowledgeable, and the lunch provided with the outing was delicious! And then the scenery... words don't do justice. We even saw whales!

We had our sunniest weather in Trondheim and Copenhagen, and really enjoyed exploring both cities. The Britannia (in Trondheim) may have been my daughter's favorite hotel. She really loves the luxuries, and we all enjoyed the incredible spa facilities (perfect for our tired feet after walking all around the city all day).

My daughter also loved all the palaces we toured in Copenhagen, and my son and I rode several of the roller coasters at Tivoli. Copenhagen was so much busier than the Norwegian cities we visited, and it was an interesting contrast to be in a much more urban setting. The Copenhagen cards were a great tool.

Thank you again for planning such a perfect itinerary for us! Tara and her family booked our Bergen to Trondheim self-drive tour. Juvet Hotel for review

Image from traveller and Silje Flotre Reed (Loen).