Beautiful Norway autumn tour review, Kendra 2018

October 16th 2018

Dear Anna,

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the trip was! It was everything I had hoped for and more. And I am sure that is because you are such a good listener and understood what I needed to feel that I could do this trip.

My private guide was great in Oslo, giving me the information I needed at the meet and greet, to do a little exploring on my own, and to know how and where to catch the train to Lillihammer on Sunday, where to get low cost food for snacks, all sorts of good information. Then our second time together, we saw the Vigeland Sculptures/garden, did a walking tour of downtown Oslo. Because the Oslo Marathon was that day, she quickly figured out many alternate routes (due to road closures) to make to most of our time. She was good and very nice.

Accommodations were good and very interesting all along the way. The bus driver (Rune Hofstad) was excellent! I can't say enough about his competence. I had no idea that the minivan I took for three days would not be full with other people that were doing individual trips, but I was the only one! It is remarkable to me that 50 Degrees North can even schedule something that specific, but it was perfect. A lot of that feeling was because bus driver was able to be flexible with such a situation. He let me sit in the passenger's seat from the beginning. (That worked well because I have a hearing loss and we could not converse easily when I was in the back.) He made clear to me if there was anywhere specific I wanted to stop or take pictures he could stop because I was the only passenger. He offered suggestions of things to see that I wouldn't have known about.herd of reindeer

He knew his way on another route when boulders closed the road we were suppose to take (As a result we saw two herds of reindeer and were able to get out of the van to get closer and photograph them). He was very congenial. As a result the three days passed easily. I learned more about Norway and his wife/family from him and I hope they will make it to the US to visit at some point.

The connections between points were all easy to make. (That was one of my biggest concerns). People were wonderfully friendly, and very helpful in answering questions. Anna, it was what we in the United States call a "bucket list" trip for me (that is a "once in a lifetime trip" a person wants to take before they get too old to do it). It was a wonderful trip, everything I had hoped and more.

Then the time in Norway ended with a seven day visit with my friends in their home in Bergen. Perfect! Thank you for all you did to make this possible. Kendra
Fall color driving to Lom