Kristin Andersen

Kristin Andersen

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Our Head of Strategic Partnership was born and raised in Pennsylvania, PA. USA. She studied Hotel Restaurant and Institutional management at Pennsylvania State University. Post-graduation, Kristin started her career in the Big Apple, NYC where she began her Hospitality journey and met her now Husband who happens to be Norwegian. Fast forward to 2018, they had 2 kids, living in Southern California and decided to make a lifestyle change to move the family back to her husband’s hometown in Norway.

Before joining 50DN, Kristin’s background was in Hotels, working over 16 years in different Sales roles for some of the most esteemed 5-star hotel companies known around the world. Kristin is an out in front leader with a proven history of adding value to any company that she has worked for. As a seasoned professional, Kristin is known for driving brand growth, maximizing operational excellence, and delivering financial performance. Kristin has always portrayed the highest level of initiative and good judgement and anyone that knows Kristin would consider her to go out of her way to build long-lasting relationships. Which is why it is only fitting that she has now decided to join our team as Head of Strategic Partnerships. She will be a key asset to the continued success of 50 Degrees North by continuing to grow and develop the companies’ relationships with preferred suppliers as well as creating new opportunities where our company can stand out amongst the rest.

In her spare time, Kristin enjoys spending time with her family, traveling the world and experiencing new places. She is an avid golfer, enjoys swimming, hiking, horseback riding and running. She has even picked up cross country skiing in the years living in Norway!

We could not be more thrilled for Kristin to have joined our team!

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