Finn Nelson


Røros - UNESCO World Heritage with a lovely Christmas market

Røros is a small mining town in Norway. It has been colloquially known as Bergstaden which means 'the rock town' due to its notoriety for copper mining. Røros is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the many 17th and 18th century buildings that are still inhabited by locals. Røros has retained much of its original character. The street pattern and farming properties in the centre of town are the same as were originally constructed in the 1600’s.

Røros is also known for being one of Norway’s leading regions for locally produced food. The barren landscape and the temperature in the region means that all food grow slowly and develop a truly distinctive taste. During summer, you can learn about Røros’ food history and products by joining a local food safari.

A festival that is nice to consider is the Røros Winter Fair, held in February each year. It is a traditional Norwegian Winter market with trading in the numerous stalls, hot coffee around a bonfire, folk music and storytelling.

The Winter Fair is a tradition that dates back to 1854, and for five days the town of Røros is transformed into a huge market place. People meet and mingle in the many dance halls, café’s, inns and restaurants.

Have a chat with one of the many traders who set up their stalls in the streets, and enjoy the festive mood as people are having fun amidst the sounds and smells of traditional dishes, being prepared over open fires. Wherever you travel in Røros these 5 days, you’ll meet happy people who all are helping to make the Røros Winter Fair a fantastic event.

The Winter Fair in the midst of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Røros is a unique and fun experience – one which will leave lasting memories.