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Kuopio - a lakeland harbour town

Like most Finnish provincial cities, Kuopio comes into its own in the summer when it plays host to a major dance festival, as well as a lively wine festival. The city’s essence, however, comes from its lakeside location on the shores of Kallavesi and its role as a harbour for lake traffic.

On a nearby ridge overlooking Kuopio is the Puijo observation tower and it offers some of the best lake views in Finland. Located in the heart of the Savo district, this delightful city boasts its own distinct dialect and is also home to the Finnish Orthodox Church, the country’s official religion.

During the summer, Kuopio has a number of restaurant terraces down by the harbour from which you can watch steam boats chugging about on the water. Enjoying an evening cruise on a passenger steamer departing from Kuopio’s harbour is a quintessential Finnish summer experience.