Båtsfjord is a stopover on the Hurtigruten voyage

A small fishing village in the Northern Lapland area of Norway. Many of the surrounding towns have turned into ghost towns and there is only a small population left in Båtsfjord. It is a true paradise for both deep-sea and inland fishing. Wonderful hiking with several nature reserves and excellent waymarked trails. Great for sea eagle and seal spotting as you approach.

Pay a visit to the depopulated fishing village of Syltefjord, which comes to life in the summer with tourists who travel here to study the nesting cliff of Syltefjordstauran and its special geology. Syltefjord river is one of Finnmark’s best salmon rivers. And the area is home to seal colonies and the sea eagle!

Båtsfjord is a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Båtsfjord. Båtsfjord Airport is a new, modern airport, located just outside Båtsfjord village. The Hurtigruten coastal express ferry also has regularly-scheduled stops in Båtsfjord village.

Population: 2,200
Area, municipality: 1,431 km²

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Norwegian Coastal Voyage Southbound

6 days - Norwegian Coastal voyage travelling South.

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Hurtigruten Coastal Expedition Sailings

9 days - Expedition team on board with special activities and hiking pass

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MS Nordlys Geiranger Hurtigurten

Norwegian Coastal Voyage Northbound

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