Image courtesy of Sampo Icebreaker

Sampo Icebreaker

The Sampo, the former icebreaker for the Finnish government, offers a unique cruise experience on the Gulf of Bothnia. The union of the majestic steel, ice and the sea will be unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced.

You’ll get a guided tour of the ship complete with visits to the engine room and the captain’s bridge, but THE thing to do is to swim in the frozen sea. Yes, you read right, but don’t worry; it’s not obligatory and if you decide to take that leap of faith, you’ll be geared up with a survival suit.

With expert guides helping you through the process, getting into the waterproof suit is pretty simple and hey presto – you’re ready for a refreshing bath! We admit that the idea of floating between blocks of ice in a frozen sea does seem quite frightening, but you can’t deny it also looks like fun!