Restaurants in Stockholm

It surely hasn’t escaped you that Swedish food and food experiences have been racking up accolades and column inches in international food and travel magazines and on foodie blogs. The reason is quite simple – a few years ago Sweden decided that it wanted to become a new culinary nation – by improving the quality of Swedish food and food travel experiences across the board. And by telling the world about it.

Try Swedish is an open invitation to taste and explore the world of our food culture. It is all about good food and world-class food experiences - the combination of Sweden’s nature, flavours and some of the purest raw ingredients in the world. It’s about creative chefs and a modern, environmentally aware approach to leadership in restaurants and food-related businesses that take responsibility for the products being prepared and served.

Here is few of our favourites to Stockholm's wide variety of restaurants:

Östermalm Food Hall - Gorgeous food hall from the 1880s, with counters and shelves are packed with the best of the finest.

Den Gyldene Freden - In a medieval basement in the Old Town you’ll find this classic restaurant. Owned by the Swedish Academy, which selects the Nobel Prize for literature, legend has it that many Nobel prizes have been decided at the Academy’s regular table here.

Pontus by the Sea is located in the middle of beautiful Skeppsbron wharf. This French-inspired brasserie is best known for its outdoor dining, where the view is magnificent.

Frantzén/Lindeberg - This compact restaurant in the medieval Old Town is this year’s trendiest and most talked- about hotspot. For foodies who like to push the boundaries, dinner here is a spectacular show, full of surprises and humour.

Close to the Hotel Rival, try Paradiso and Meatballs for the People.

Unique Swedish Food Experiences - talk to us about joining a crayfish party, at which people gather to eat, drink and be merry. A very typically Swedish festivity marking the end of the summer.

Discover the art of FIKA - Fika is much more than having a coffee. It is a reason to set aside a moment for quality time. It can be to take a break and rest your feet while out shopping. Many of our guided tours in Stockholm stop along the way for a classic fika moment.