Dog Sledding


  • Learning about the dogs and sledding
  • A chance of seeing the Northern Lights and beautiful starry skies
  • A taste of the wilderness
  • Thrilling husky dog sledge trip
  • Views of ocean, mountains & open plateaus

Before hopping aboard our sledges and letting the team of huskies pull us over the frozen terrain, we change into proper clothing and footwear. Bundle up, sit back and enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding polar sea and surrounding mountains. During the polar night under clear skies the only light we see emanates from the stars, the moon and occasionally the Northern Lights.

During winter we light up the sledge ride with headlamps. In spring, the sun is back, the climate is milder and the days are longer. After the ride we invite you into a Sámi lavvo (teepee) to relax, warm yourself by the open fire and sip a hot drink. Learn more about a typical Sámi working day and dog sledging at the Wilderness Centre.


  • Disembarking port: Tromsø
  • Embarking port: Tromsø
  • Southbound or Northbound: Northbound
  • Approximate arrival/departure times: 14:30 - 18:00
  • Available period: 05 November - 04 May
  • Transportation: Bus/Dog sledge
  • Meals on the trip: Coffee/tea and cake
  • Clothes/Footwear: Comfortable shoes, warm and windproof clothing. Special clothing is provided
  • Note: There is no guide on the bus. Period varies according to weather/snow conditions. Not available 24.12. The trail we drive is approx. 6 kilometres long.
  • Age limit: 4 years old together with parent