Munkholmen in Trondheim

  • Visit the ancient fortress of Munkholmen
  • Enjoy a boat trip past the stunningly beautiful coastline

Take a trip out to Munkholmen – a part of Trondheim which is full of history. Originally an ancient place of execution, it saw the construction of a Benedictine monastery just after the year 1000. This was probably one of the first two in Scandinavia. In 1658 it was made into a fortress and prison, later becoming a custom station. The most famous inmate was the Danish Count Peder Griffenfeld, who was imprisoned here for 18 years. A boat trip on the beautiful Trondheim Fjord is an experience in itself, where you can see the city from the sea. And a visit to the fortress on the island will take you thousands of years back in time.


  • Trondheim
  • Duration: 2 hr
  • Dates: 3 Sep - 02 Nov