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Viking Photo Shoot with MINK studio: an interview

Heading to Reykjavik and looking for something different to do? Book your Viking Photo shoot before you go and be prepared to get very excited in costume!

Our Nordic Destination Specialist, Ivy Thompson interviews MINK Studio's proprietor, Guðmann Þór Bjargmundsson who’s had a successful career in both photography and film over the years, including on the popular TV series 'Game of Thrones'.

How did the business Mink Viking Portraits start?

Mink Viking Portraits opened in June 2012. But the idea popped into my head maybe 10 years ago; when most of my time was spent working on films and commercials here in Iceland.

Why do you think people are so fascinated by Vikings and their culture?

People are drawn to Vikings because they represent fearlessness and a fighting spirit.
They also created the first Parliament in Europe. They also sailed far and wide, their rune writing has been found all over the Northern hemisphere.

What is people's reaction once they get dressed up in a Viking-outfit for a photo-shoot?

When people get dressed in full viking-gear here at our studio, they feel powerful and ready for battle.The viking-music we play helps set the mood too!

Where did you source your amazing Viking-outfits from?

I'm in a Viking club and most of the clothes are made by the vikings there. Leatherwork and crafts are made here at the studio.

How far in advance should people book their Viking-photoshoot; do you book out quickly?

We tend to get very busy around the summer but we're finding we're getting busier throughout the year- so please book in advance!!

Want to visit Iceland? We offer many wonderful options and different styles of travel in this beautifully rugged country. To book and schedule your very own Viking portrait-session, contact Mink Viking Portraits directly via their website