Arctic Treehouse Hotel

Ecotourism in the Nordic Region offers sustainable, experience-rich travel.

50 Degrees North reveals their leading partner hotels and activity providers in the field of sustainable ecotourism. Innovations and Awards include Green Key Certification, White Flag International and the Grand Travel Award for Best Swedish Ecotourism business.

For the Nordic travel wholesaler and tour operator, 50 Degrees North, recent years have seen significant strides in sustainable tourism and responsible travel. In addition to 50 Degrees North becoming a B Corp Certified Corporation, several of our accommodation and activity providers have also won sustainability awards or demonstrated their commitment to ecotourism and innovation. It might come as a surprise that most of them are located in Lapland, also known as 'Europe's last wilderness'.

(Not travelling so far afield? Many of our key hotels in larger cities also proudly offer green accreditation, such as the Nordic Choice hotels which have all been certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 environmental standards.)

Silent Snowmobile Safaris in Lapland

50 Degrees North's supplier, Aurora eMotion, was the first electric snowmobile (eSled) safari provider in the world. Based near the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi (and now also in Levi!), Finland, Aurora eMotion's safaris give travellers the chance to experience the beautiful and pristine Arctic nature in a completely new and sustainable way: On an emission-free and silent eSled. This is a very unique way to experience the enchanting Arctic landscape - thrilling yet silent and peaceful.

In addition to their environmental commitments, Aurora eMotion practices responsible tourism by limiting group sizes and adhering to Leave No Trace principles during excursions. These efforts ensure that their activities do not disrupt the natural habitats or wildlife of Lapland, preserving the area's pristine landscapes for future generations.

Many of our tours near Rovaniemi and Levi can include an e-sled excursion with Aurora eMotion.

Aurora eMotion

Sami Experiences in Swedish Lapland

The Sapmi Nature Camp, one of 50 Degrees North's unique accommodation and activity suppliers, has also won recognition for its ecotourism efforts, such as the Grand Travel Award for Best Swedish Ecotourism business.

Indeed, Sapmi Nature Camp exemplifies a strong commitment to sustainability and the preservation of Sami culture through various initiatives. The camp offers eco-friendly accommodations in traditional 'lavvu' tents, minimising environmental impact while providing guests with an authentic Sami experience. Renewable energy sources such as solar power are utilized to reduce carbon footprint, complementing efforts to minimise reliance on non-renewable resources. Locally sourced and organic ingredients feature prominently in meals, supporting local farmers and ensuring fresh, environmentally friendly dining options.

Cultural preservation efforts include activities like storytelling, traditional crafts, and interactive experiences in Sami traditions like reindeer herding and fishing, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sami heritage. Through guided tours and workshops, Sapmi Nature Camp also educates visitors on sustainable practices and the significance of conserving the natural environment. These initiatives underscore Sapmi Nature Camp's dedication to sustainability and its pivotal role in safeguarding Sami culture and the pristine landscapes of Swedish Lapland.

You can visit this Sami camp as a part of one of our Swedish Lapland tours.

Sapmi Nature Camp

Plastic Free Island Visit in Norway

Manshausen, a stunning island retreat in Norway, exemplifies sustainability in action. Committed to preserving its unspoiled natural surroundings, the island has implemented numerous eco-friendly practices. One significant initiative is the removal of plastic and other debris from the surrounding waters, a project certified by White Flag International, which has earned Manshausen the distinction of being Scandinavia's first plastic-free island.

The island's eco-cabins are designed to minimise environmental impact, utilising sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems. These cabins are thoughtfully integrated into the natural landscape, allowing guests to experience the beauty of nature without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Manshausen also prioritises local and sustainable food sourcing, offering meals made from locally produced ingredients. This approach supports regional farmers and producers while ensuring fresh and eco-friendly cuisine.

Owned by Børge Ousland, a famed polar explorer, writer, and photographer, Manshausen reflects his deep commitment to environmental stewardship. Visitors can partake in various low-impact outdoor activities, such as kayaking, diving, hiking, and wildlife observation, all designed to feel at harmony with the environment.

You can visit Manshausen, for example, on our 4-day White Beaches, Sea and Manshausen tour.


Norwegian Fjord Region Sustainable Hotels

29|2 Aurland, one of 50 Degrees North's key suppliers in Norway, is renowned for its sustainability efforts. Their aim is to preserve and protect the natural environment and the local community, minimise waste, and maintain a small carbon footprint. They offer 'soft adventure' activities such as sharing the history, culture, and people of Aurland, taking guests on mountain walks, teaching fly-fishing and kitchen gardening, cooking over open fires, and visiting local farms and craft makers.

50 Degrees North offers many tours that can incorporate staying at the 29|2 Aurland, including active, premium and winter fjords tours.

Aurland 292

Sustainable Hotels in Finnish Lapland

The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Rovaniemi, Finland, is one of our key suppliers with the Green Key certification . This certification includes criteria such as environmental education for staff, clients, and owners; environmental preservation and reduction of environmental impact; and economical management by reducing consumption and waste. The staff of this family-owned luxury hotel also plant thousands of pine tree seedlings in the Arctic forests.

You stay at the Arctic Treehouse Hotel on several of our tours, including our special Christmas departure.

The Harriniva Wilderness Resort is another example of a supplier in Finnish Lapland that is committed to sustainability and responsible travel. Their action plan includes environmental, economic, and social/cultural goals, such as switching to geothermal heating, saving approximately 200,000 litres of heating oil annually, and serving locally and organically produced food in their restaurants.

You can stay at Harriniva on our Northern Lights in Finland tour. Alternatively, we can prepared summer stays in Harriniva as well as early Autumn Northern Lights tours.

Autumn Northern Lights Harriniva

Needless to say, sustainable tourism and ecotourism are a key part of 50 Degrees North's philosophy. Our aim is to create and maintain sustainable business practices, partnerships, and products that provide economic benefits for local populations while respecting and protecting nature, cultural heritage, and local values, preserving them for future generations. Selecting the right partners and suppliers is a key part of that process.

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