Oslo to Bergen train journey explained

Travelling from Oslo to Bergen on the NSB train is comfortable and certainly enjoyable, if you have done a little planning.

Wondering about the best way to take the train from Oslo to Bergen?

This well-known train journey is an enjoyable way to travel through Fjord Norway but it is certainly concentrating on the little details of this train journey that maximise your comfort and ensures that you see the best views.

From the start of your trip at the Oslo central station, you will find friendly, English speaking staff to help assist you if you have any questions. Once you have boarded, you will find free WIFI with a password and convenient, clean amenities. We recommend sitting on the right side of the train but both sides are pretty spectacular. What you do need to be sure about is booking a seat that has a full clear window without obstructions. Unfortunately, this Oslo to Bergen, Bergen to Oslo journey has become very popular and fills early. You will often find with late bookings, you are lucky to get a seat, let alone a clear window view, facing forward. At 50 Degrees North, we often recommend booking a later train as often the nice and convenient morning train is packed to the rafters!!

50 Degrees North also recommends upgrading to one of the first-class carriages as this has some worthwhile perks and seats are nicer for the journey. However, recently, these carriages have been busy so you can move to emptier ones if you wish.

From 2020, you will be always be assigned a seat. If you travel in a group, everyone will be automatically seated together.

Those travelling with children can relax as well as there is a children's playroom with play equipment, books, DVD and other children to run amuck with.

There are large luggage storage age by the doors but they are often full. In first class, you will have additional space by your seat for small to medium luggage, between your tray and the seat in front.

Oslo to Bergen TrainOslo to Bergen Train

There is a dining car on board the Oslo to Bergen train with freshly brewed coffee, grilled Norwegian hotdogs, pastries, waffles and fresh salads & sandwiches. Alternatively, you can open up your picnic like most of the Norwegians travelling on board.

Oslo to Bergen Train Dining Car

We made a very simple, short video describing how to get to the ticket office in Oslo for your 'Norway in a Nutshell' journey and the Oslo to Bergen train. Have a great journey and be sure to contact our Scandinavian destination specialists for help.

How to join the Norway in the Nutshell & Oslo to Bergen train departure information

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