The Well

What to do in Oslo? Add a visit to a day spa 'The Well'

Pamper yourself in this new Nordic Spa complex, a short journey away from Oslo's city centre.

A amazing spa-complex, The Well, is located in a small township a short 20 minute drive from the Oslo city-centre. The Well "is the largest spa and bathhouse in the Nordic region, and with its 10,500 square meters, it is a wonderful paradise for adults, offering unique spa and bathing experiences, both indoors and outdoors."

With 11 different pools, 15 different saunas (Scandinavia's largest sauna can be found here) and steam rooms, more than 100 showers, waterfalls, a Japanese bathhouse with onsen hot springs, Oriental Hammam, rhassoul clay treatments, relaxation rooms, a restaurant and bars: The Well offers a full day of tranquility, self-care and pampering.

The outdoor area features a large swimming pool, two jacuzzis and a rustic Scandinavian-style sauna. We recommend tired travelers spend a day here not only for the marvelous pools, saunas and steam-rooms but also to treat themselves to a spa-treatment or two, a delicious lunch and maybe a glass of sparkling wine to go with it. If you are short of time or have filled your day up with sightseeing, you can visit for an evening session.

How to get there:

To get to The Well, you can take a private direct bus shuttle from the city centre, a short 25 mins drive. You can have the morning, afternoon or evening there with regular shuttles throughout the day. For further details, check out The Well Oslo.

Before you go, check the schedule of events and/or their FACEBOOK page as they have unique sessions and experiences available.

Heads up, swimwear is optional for all days except Tuesday. To prevent water build-up around the spa and for hygienic reasons, only The Well’s own swimwear is permitted. You can purchase swimwear on your first visit (reasonably priced, simple black style) and you can use it every time you come back to The Well.

Image credits: The Well, Oslo and Colin Eick.