How to visit Artipelag, Stockholm

Visiting Stockholm and wanting to see this beautiful gallery set in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Stay for a leisurely lunch and stroll...

Stockholm is surrounded by a beautiful archipelago and visiting the Artipelag gallery allows you to experience this beautiful islands as you marvel at art. This new art hall sits amid 54 acres of fields and forests of the archipelago and it can be reached by a 20 min bus ride from the city centre or by ferry on the weekend (a bit like visiting MONA in Hobart).

This gallery was concieved by the founder of Babybjörn, Björn Jakokbson and brings modern shows to Stockholm. Check the opening hours before you go as they change depending on the season. And be sure to stroll along the wooden paths on the water's edge near the gallery, enjoy a lunch at the restaurants and enjoy the design of Artipelag, the late architect Johan Nyrén’s last and possibly finest creation.

Timetable for ferries out to the gallery:

Tickets can be purchased on board your ship, but we recommend pre-purchase them

Lunch at the Gallery:

There is a popular buffet served in Artipelag Restaurant on the top floor of the building. The food is prepared by our outstanding chefs in the open kitchen with all ingredients taken from the current season. Meat, fish, and poultry are delivered from local producers on Värmdö and the surrounding areas. For those who want something a bit more casual, Bådan Café & Pâtisserie can be found one floor down and there you will find sandwiches, salads, a lighter soup, buns, and pastries.

Credit: Henrik Trygg/