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How can you see the Midnight Sun?

Wondering what happens in the Northern regions when the sun doesn't set?

During the summer season above the Arctic Circle, the sun does not set for several months. Of course, after a dark winter, the flora, the fauna and the people of this region all go a little crazy in the sunshine with the huge 24-hour day energy burst. There is no need for energy drinks up here.

Fortunately, the Midnight Sun isn't as difficult to find as the Aurora Borealis lights. From early June to mid July, Northern Norway, Greenland and Northern Finland bask in 24-hour sunlight. The higher you travel, the longer the opportunity to see the Midnight sun is. Svalbard, for instance, has the Midnight Sun for approximately 4 months.

The Scandinavian capitals all enjoy long summer days - Oslo never really gets dark in summer, just a soft sunset glow during the mid summer season. Stockholm likewise has 18.5 hrs of sun in June and as with all cities that enjoy the Midnight sun, locals celebrate mid summer with festivals galore.

Best spots to see the Midnight Sun

You can sit on the North Cape and watch the sun dip tantalising close to the horizon, only for it to turn around and head back up again. It is quite incredible to watch. A great way to enjoy the Norwegian Midnight Sun is to go on a Norwegian coastal cruise along the Norwegian coast. Cruises that depart around the mid summer can get busy so plan your voyage early. Or if you prefer to self-drive and explore Norway in your own time, our 8 day Log Cabins & Bears of Finland - self drive tour would be our suggested Midnight Sun tour.

The Lofoten Islands and Senja Region of Norway is also a great spot to see the Midnight Sun dip close to the ocean and peak through the mountains. The time to experience summer's midnight sun on the Lofoten Islands and neighbouring regions is between May 26 and July 17. Click here to see a Lofoten Islands Midnight Sun tour. The best places to view the midnight sun on Lofoten are on any sections of coastline or mountains with a clear view to the north.

If you are looking for an adventurous holiday, Northern Finland offers some great Midnight Sun adventures late in the evening. Cycling through the forests, swimming in lakes and hiking at Midnight is something a lot of lodges offer during this summer period.

A useful website for determining the suns location can be found at: