Gourmet Scandinavian Street Food

Visiting Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen? Are you a foodie? Then you are in luck!

Need something quick to eat as you tour the Nordic countries. Why not visit a gourmet food truck. As you would expect, the Nordic Capitals have their equal share of food trucks, offers ranging from American style burgers to Vegan optoins. Some are super creative and others offer gringo/Mexican trendy food. To see a list of the Stockholm food trucks, have a look at this summary.

Copenhagen is well known as a food hotspot and eating well is at the centre of nearly everyone’s plans for the Danish capital, but getting your fill in this epicurean-minded city doesn’t require a banker's salary—just knowing where to go. For every Michelin star restaurant serving innovative Nordic fare, there's a humble but mighty street-food stand (or, in some cases, small brick-and-mortar joint) dishing out equally tasty options.

Visiting Tivoli - try the Tivoli Food Hall, the sleek indoor marketplace next door to Tivoli Gardens that offers budget-friendly gourmet street food. One of the most popular is Hallernes Smørrebrød, a glossy corner stand with glass cases filled with Instagrammable Danish fare. For those wanting to try smørrebrøds, Danish open-face sandwiches, Hallernes Smørrebrød is the perfect place to do it—without breaking the bank. The pickled herring—served with apple, red onion, crème fraiche, and dill—is a must, as is the leverpostej, which includes pate, bacon, pickled berries, beetroot, and herb

Oslo has so many wonderful food truck options they have them listed on Visit Norway. We love the Norwegian options at the Anne På Landet, serving handmade, often handpicked, Norwegian food. The truck often stands at Svartskog but will travel around sometimes. In addition to the food truck, Anne På Landet also has a café on the beach by Hvervenbukta.

And one of the simplest and most pleasurable fast food option in Norway are fresh strawberries and Norwegian waffles sold by children and locals! Be sure to buy them if you see it!

Be sure to plan well for your Gourmet food tour of these Nordic countries. The markets and restaurants are full of each seasons produce with many of the foodie events taking place through out the region.

Images: Anna Hållams, Visit Sweden