Arctic Circle Train - Wilderness and Reindeers

Board the train from Narvik and travel overnight to Stockholm via Kiruna and Abisko.

Highlights Of The Arctic Circle Journey:

  • Travelling through Riksgränsen, the ultimate winter wonderland, trimmed with high mountains that beckon skiers and snowboarders alike
  • Visiting Kiruna to experience the midnight sun, polar night and the fantastical Northern Lights as they illuminate the skies with cascades of colour
  • Access to the dog sledding and cross-country skiing spots of Sweden
  • Close to Kiruna is Jukkasjärvi, where you can visit the world-renowned ICEHOTEL
  • Access to the hiking trails of Sweden
  • Abisko National Park is home to northern Europe’s last wilderness. An unspoiled and unique expanse, bursting with beautiful fells and streams

We recently travelled on the Arctic Circle train from Narvik on the Norwegian coast to the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Boarding at 12.40pm, we found our snug overnight 3 person berth compartment and then headed to the dining car.

Arctic Circle TrainSitting on the left hand side as we travelled out of Narvik and towards the Norwegian/Swedish border, the landscape included spectacular deep ravines and wild mountain plateaus. The approaches to the tunnels were the highlight - most were built seemingly precariously right on the side of the mountains. Whilst long, it is a pleasant journey either in summer or winter as you pass holiday cottages, forests, lakes and small outposts.

Sleeping onboard the Arctic Circle Train

Our compartments were comfortable and clean and the facilities included a shower and towels. Water, magazines and linen was provided.

Arctic Circle Train

Arctic Circle Train compartments

Dining Onboard The Arctic Circle Train

On the journey from Narvik to Stockholm, the Norwegian dining car converted to a Swedish dining car when it arrived in Kiruna. As well as enjoying the cheaper Swedish prices, the food offered for dinner was delicious. We had two dishes; the traditional Swedish reindeer stew with fresh lingonberry sauce and mashed potatoes as well as a fresh & simple prawn salad. Red wine and beer was also served. The scenery was mellow during the evening - forests and more forests. We did spot some reindeer as we travelled through the night. No elk unfortunately!

Dining Car on the Arctic Circle TrainArctic Circle train

Arriving into Stockholm at 9.40am the next morning, we felt refreshed and ready to explore this great city. This train journey can be included in our independent itineraries

Stockholm Central Station

Stockholm Central Station

Main image credit: Eddie Granlund/Folio/