Visiting Swedish Lapland in Winter 2023

Sweden's Lapland is a winter wonderland of majestic beauty and tranquillity.

Swedish Lapland is the most Northern province of Sweden and makes up nearly a quarter of Swedish territory. The region is known as Europe’s last wilderness and is home to Europe’s only indigenous people, the Sami. Their homeland span in a high arch from Norway, through Sweden & Finland into Russia. Well known towns in this region are Abisko, Luleå, Kiruna, Jokkmokk and the small town of Jukkasjärvi, home to the ICEHOTEL. This year, visiting Swedish Lapland in Winter is very popular with their open corridor and we recommend booking early to secure a spot. Many of our boutique lodges have limited rooms and have very little availability.

Unique Hotels in Swedish Lapland:

Northern Sweden is home to the world famous ICEHOTEL, where you can eat off ice plates, drink from ice glasses and sleep in -5 C in a hotel made of ice and snow. Or stay in the Treehotel which is – yes – a hotel in the trees near Luleå. It is a collection of luxury tree houses including the UFO, a Room with a View, the Mirrorcube, the Tree Sauna and the Bird’s Nest. The Arctic Baths are also close to the Treehotel so bring your bathers on tour!

The Aurora Safari Camp is a snug wilderness retreat near Treehotel, a mix between glamping, an African Safari experience and Scandinavian luxury. It is in a prime position for Northern Lights displays so get ready to gaze up at the swirling, neon majesty of the Northern Lights, finger's crossed.

Fredrik Broman - Cone Room with Glass Roof

Fredrik Broman - Cone Room with Glass Roof

Aurora Safari Camp Accommodation

Ski Lodges in Swedish Lapland:

Another option which will include in some of our Swedish Lapland holidays is a stay at one of the ski lodges dotted around the region. Björkliden Ski Lodge situated in the heart of Swedish Lapland offers modern accommodation on the ski fields. Several of our Christmas packages include a stay at Björkliden, allowing afternoon adventures on the ski slopes.

Winter Activities on offer in Northern Sweden:

Throughout Swedish Lapland, you can enjoy a wide variety of winter themed activities; snowmobile excursions, dog sled tours, reindeer farm visits, elk safaris, skiing, snow-shoeing, ice fishing, winter survival skills training excursions and ice sculpturing to name a few!

We recommend enjoying a half or full day dog sled tour ‘running with the huskies’, an experience you may find comparable to driving fast on an open road, yet somehow far more satisfying. Your expert dog-sledding guides led your small group away from husky base camp, each sled with a team of six to eight, howling, very enthusiastic and incredibly affectionate Huskies pulling you along. With temperatures in the region averaging minus fifteen from December to March, this type of winter excursion is not for the faint-hearted, yet ‘mushing’ as it is often called requires no previous experience, the Huskies do virtually all the hard work! Warm blankets for those on the sled and complete waterproof and windproof outer layers provided to you, will help temper the cold weather you might experience.

50 Degrees North also now offers longer 4 - 5 day dogsledding tours, staying in remote Swedish mountain huts. Perfect for the active family with teenagers or young adults!

Snowmobile excursions are a highlight during a visit to Swedish Lapland. This type of activity is popular for those who are seeking an adrenalin kick, but also there are also safaris and adventures for families with children, with a variety of snowmobile available for beginners to enthusiasts. Riding across vast frozen lakes, through the forests and wilderness of Sweden is something you will never forget - but bring the GoPro just in case.

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Winter Activities, credit: Mikko Nikkinen and Staffan Widstrand, Visit Sweden

Romance of Sweden

Sweden's majestic beauty and tranquillity are the very definition of romance itself; a real life winter wonderland. With bags of cultural charm and sophistication, Sweden is the perfect place to unwind with your love one.

Some of the hotels in this region are set up for Romance - ICEHOTEL as a clear standout. The unique location, the ice, the snow and the almost unreal surroundings at ICEHOTEL leave no one indifferent and we can help arrange any special celebrations during your holiday. With the new 365 ICEHOTEL, you can stay anytime of year in one of the beautiful ice suites!


_ICEHOTEL, credit: Hans-Olof Utsi/ _

Dreamy additions for your Swedish holiday

For food lovers, Swedish Lapland cuisine is both wholesome and fulfilling with lingonberries & assorted forest mushrooms offered in abundance, fresh or dried depending on the season. Hearty food, with sophistication prevails throughout the region, with many local dishes including Arctic Char (similar to salmon and trout) and reindeer available. If its wellness, sauna and spas that tickle your fancy, good health is central to Swedish culture and you will find plenty of opportunity to unwind in private saunas, spas, hot tubs to name a few.

Northern Sweden

Smoked Bear and Restaurants in the Far North, credit: Tuukka Ervasti and Magnus Skoglöf/

Northern Lights high above the Arctic Circle

Many of our Swedish Lapland Winter holidays are designed to give you the best possibly chance to see the Northern Lights. Allowing several days in one place increases your chances of getting a glimpse of these lights. Our hotels and lodges tend to keep up-to-date accurate information and schedules on the aurora activity, similar to weather forecasts. Reception staff, lodge managers or guides will keep you informed about your chances each evening. With technology now providing extra assistance, download the relevent mobile aurora app, so you can monitor activity and cloud cover each night. Leaving your app on your phone when you get home is also a nice reminder of the tour you have just enjoyed!

Heading out each evening, even for a few minutes after dinner, gives you the chance to experience the evening peace and quiet of this wonderful sub-arctic land – take a moment to breathe in the pure, crisp air and reflect on this glimpse of winter heaven.

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Abisko Mountain, Northern Lights in Sweden, credit: Lola Akinmade Åkerström/

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