White Christmas Holidays

Speaking as a Norwegian, a white Christmas is something I grew up with, and enjoying the Christmas holidays in a landscape blanketed in pristine white snow is certainly something very special.

Finland's log cabins dot the landscape

Imagine stepping outside your private log cabin, with the tree branches around you covered in a thick layer of white snow. It is quiet. As you walk along, the crisp snow makes a crackling sound under your boots. Gazing up towards the heavens you see a starry sky with glimpses of Northern Lights flickering above. This is certainly not utopia, but actually a very common experience.

This past Christmas in northern Finland we had -15 degrees Celsius, clear skies and Aurora viewings every single night for 5 days. It was absolutely magical, and something I would strongly recommend that every ‘southerner’ experiences, once in their life.

Now, if you head up to Finnish Lapland above the Arctic Circle for a white Christmas, you will notice the lack of sunlight. Above the Arctic Circle the sun disappears from about 20 November to 20 January. That doesn’t mean perpetual darkness, as you will have 4-5 hours during daytime with a magical bluish polar light.

shutterstock 529626979 Northern Lights group watching

Take advantage of our Christmas packages

At 50 Degrees North we have several Christmas packages on offer; stay in a private log cabin, in an ICE room at ICEHOTEL, a tree house high up in the trees in Swedish Lapland, or in a glass igloo. Activities, such as husky sledding, snowmobile rides and reindeer farm visits are included. Some of the packages suit families with young children, while other are better suited to couples or those with an adventurous spirit. Some visit Santa’s home, some are escorted by our Finnish staff, while others focus on nature and the wild outdoors.

Over the years we have found that some of our Christmas packages sell out as early as late January, so get in early if you want to experience a holiday up north during this coming Christmas.

Enjoy!                Images courtesy of Visit Finland