Louisana Art Gallery

Visit Louisana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana is a leading international museum of modern art. Located on the coast it strikes that rarest of balances between landscape, architecture, and art in a unique interaction that attracts visitors from around the world and makes a visit to Louisiana something special throughout the year.

The museum, which is located 25 miles north of Copenhagen, with a panoramic view of Sweden across the Sound, presents six to ten special exhibitions annually and has a distinguished art collection with over 3,500 works. Louisiana is also a vibrant cultural centre open in the evening Tuesday to Friday until 22:00 and offers a rich variety of activities and events.

You can get to this lovely gallery either by car or public transport. The cafe is highly recommended for lunch and if you are travelling with children, they will love the space to run around. When considering this day trip, be sure to check what exhibitions are showing as these can be world class.