Norway's best train journeys

Our top 4 recommendations for train travel in Norway.

No. 1 - Oslo - Bergen train journey

If you are looking for a convenient travel option between Oslo & Bergen, this train trip also comes with a massive bonus! The journey is considered one of the most picturesque in Europe - 7 hours of beautiful scenery. Starting through gentle countryside landscapes dotted with quaint farmhouses, the journey just keeps getting better with fjords, waterfalls, barren mountain peaks and classic Norwegian forests. Comfortable classy trains with free Wi-Fi, free coffee & tea and restaurant car - why fly! Read more here

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No. 2 - Local train to Frognerseteren, Oslo

If you are spending some time in Oslo and looking for a trip out of town, we recommend jumping on a local train to Frognerseteren (end of the Frognerseteren line). Approximately 30 minutes out of town, this train journey gives you privy to the backyards of Oslo and is particular enjoyable in winter, as you can watch the local kids ski and toboggan alongside the train. Locals reminisce about the time King Olav V frequently travelled with his skis in hand. Once at Frognerseteren you will be rewarded with magnificent views of Oslo. After a hot chocolate at Frognerseteren restaurant stroll down to Holmenkollen and visit the Ski Museum, and the famous ski jump.

No. 3 - Rauma line

This short 90-minute journey runs from Dombås on the Dovre Line to Åndalsnes. Situated between Trondheim and Oslo, this scenic train trip can be combined with the Hurtigruten voyage and is linked by bus to bigger cities close by. Big panoramic windows will make sure that you can enjoy the splendid views on each side of this comfortable modern train - not to mention the view of the infamous Troll Wall (Trollveggen) where you might spot base jumpers taking the 'plunge'.

Train on Kylling Bridge - Railway bridge in Rauma Leif Johnny Olestad - Visit Norway

Image: Leif Johnny Olestad, Visit Norway

No.4 - Flåm Railway or Flåmsbana

A highlight for many travellers to Norway is a journey on the Flåm Railway between Myrdal and Flåm in Aurland. The Flåmsbana is one of the steepest train lines in the world on normal tracks, where almost 80% of the journey has a gradient of 5.5%.

Needless to say, it is a beautiful train journey on a lovely old train. This train trip is often combined with a package called Norway in a Nutshell which gets you from Oslo to Bergen via the Flåm & Gudvangen.

Torild Moland - TravelStock Flam Norway in Nutshell

Image: Torild Moland, Travelstock.