Hurtigruten à la carte menu

Spoil yourself - upgrade to the à la carte menu on your Hurtigruten voyage and choose from the best products we collect along the route.

Scallops, served with cauliflower cream and spicy sausages. Hand-picked by divers off the coast of Helgeland and delivered to us while they are still alive. Or you might be craving crayfish, extra tender sirloin of reindeer beef or langoustine.

If you'd like the possibility to enjoy meals made from ultra-premium produce sourced from our local suppliers, you might want to upgrade to an à la carte option on your Hurtigruten voyage.

A selection of speciality foods from the Norwegian coast

After a long day of creating lifetime memories, Hurtigruten welcomes their à la carte diners to take a seat in more private areas of the restaurants. Here, you have a choice of 2, 3, 4 and 5-course à la carte dinners. You can choose between four starters, five main courses, four desserts and our famous cheese plate – all made from delicious fresh produce that is delivered to the ship along the route.

Since this is a coastal voyage, a lot of the ingredients are from the sea. However, there are also land-based specialties, such as reindeer, extra tender beef sirloin, cheeses, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and berries. Additional wine and drink packages are also available.

Besides locally sourced food, the upgraded experience offers more attentive waiter service compared to the main restaurant.

How à la carte works on board the Hurtigruten ship:

Normally on your Hurtigruten voyage, dinner is served in the main restaurant and is formed of a fixed three-course menu on most nights, with a buffet replacing this on certain nights. If you are taking a classic voyage (North, South or Return bound), full board is included in the price.

You can upgrade to an à la carte option, for a small fee and you can do it for specific meals. If you have a celebratory or romantic night planned, you can enjoy a more private experience for that evening.

The Hurtigruten à la carte menu is only bookable on board.

Image credits: Ørjan Bertelsen / Hurtigruten