Scandinavia tour with Hurtigruten, reviewed by Michael November 2015

January 20th 2016

Hi Asko,
We have just returned from overseas, although we completed our Scandinavian sector in November. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The hotels in Oslo, Bergen, Helsinki and Copenhagen were great. The stop at Fleischer’s was interesting and worth it even though it was an older hotel.

We enjoyed all the cities and the time spent in each. If we do return to Scandinavia, I think I would like to visit Stockholm again. I don’t think we had enough time there.

A future trip would probably focus more on the countryside as well since we have now visited the cities and the scenery looks great. People generally great. and wonderful that they generally were fluent in English, so very easy as tourists.

The Hurtigruten cruise was very enjoyable. The cabin was great and relaxing. The sights amazing! The cabin you selected for us was perfect, anything smaller would have impacted our overall enjoyment of the cruise.
We found the food on board, very enjoyable, interesting and diverse.
I was happy with the 7 days (one way trip). The return trip would have been a little repetitive for me.

Jeanette on the other hand would have liked to stay on board for the return trip.... everyone is different! We enjoyed the trip to the North Cape.

The transfer from Kirkenes to Kakslauttanen was interesting even though it took several hours. It was a good opportunity to see the countryside.

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort, in our opinion was a little over rated. We did not consider it exclusive, although it was interesting. It appeared to me that the staff were feeling their way in the hospitality industry. The log cabins were only ok. The Igloo was good. Unfortunately the skies were overcast when we were there.

The Husky Safari was enjoyable - very recommended and the team at the resort were very good with the dogs and the tourists. The country was beautiful.

The ferry to Stockholm was at first a disappointment. Old ship, well used cabins etc. However, seeing the archipelago was worth it. If would have been better for us if there had of being a way to see the islands via a day trip from Stockholm. Something to consider!

The islands are a must but I would prefer to avoid the ferry if this was possible.

The seats on the train from Stockholm to Copenhagen were without a full window (only part window). We were fortunate to be able to change seats after an hour, as the train was not busy.

I made this mistake a number of times when booking trains in Europe (2nd leg of our trip) eg seats facing the opposite direction to the train, issues with windows etc. Fortunately we were able to change seats at the last minute.

We wanted to see the “Bridge” but this is not really possible from the train, something we did not know.

So in conclusion thank you for organising a very interesting and diverse trip with good hotels. We have already and will recommend your business and this trip to our friends.